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On this page, we will place websites that are not worth trusting. If the site has made a mistake once and has stopped paying users, money honestly earned by them. You find this sites on the list!

We also include on this list pages that treat employees and partners dishonestly.

This page is updated daily. If you want to fast search for site you have earning already USE CTRL + F and type your site name. If site isn't here it's mean - LEGIT or site is new and we can't verify it yet.

Stay Away from!

1. Adz2you.com SCAM/Dishonest treatment
2. Ethclick.me SCAM
3. EG2link.com SCAM
4. Linkes.us SCAM
5. Up1link SCAM
6. Vidswatcher SCAM
7. popspins.com SCAM
8. earnmoney.network SCAM
9. paysupbusiness.com SCAM
10. Socialinvests.com SCAM
11.  utradecoin.com SCAM
12. HiveOffers Dishonest treatment/A few cases of not receiving a withdrawal
13. Flamzy SCAM
14. MiningTraffic SCAM
15. Paidvertiser In the present state, it is difficult to obtain a return on investment
16. LikesPlanet.com SCAM
17. my-melina.com SCAM
18. my-viktoria.com SCAM
19. 2Captcha Dishonest treatment
20. VFARO.com SCAM
22. Doublebit.online SCAM
23. Rewardsways Dishonest treatment - Countries different than USA/UK
24. up1line.com SCAM
25. flylink.io SCAM
26. Glory-link.com SCAM
27. voxc.org - HIGH RISK
28. Sato-Link.com HIGH RISH
29. easymoneyearn.com SCAM
30. Linkes.us SCAM
31. dollar4cut SCAM
32. Blacklink.us SCAM
33. bc.vc HIGH RISK/Many cases of not receiving a withdrawal
34. shirty.fun SCAM
35. Shortest.pw SCAM
36. egysat SCAM
37. xz2.xyz SCAM
38. biglink.club SCAM
39. europeup.com SCAM
40. filevas.com SCAM
41. GiftHulk SCAM
42. ohmydosh SCAM
43. yourvoice SCAM
44. usdsurveys SCAM
45. aticlix.com SCAM
46. Mojoads.com SCAM
47. traffic-expo SCAM
48. PTC-BUXClix.site SCAM
49. ironptc-club SCAM
50. Bigsensebux SCAM
51. HonestClique SCAM
52. bitcoinptc.top SCAM
53. star-clicks.com SCAM
54. Bux.itda SCAM
55. my-adsbux SCAM
56. buxwall SCAM
57. cashworld.live SCAM
58. vipinvest.club SCAM
59. neft.biz SCAM
60. nextpayment.icu SCAM
61. btctouch.pw SCAM
62. smartprofits.com SCAM
63. depositblock.pw SCAM
64. smartsprofits.pro SCAM
65. hoursjustpaid.club SCAM
66. hoursbank.info SCAM
67. nodex-fund.info SCAM
68. alpha-profit.pw SCAM
69. briocoins.com SCAM
70. onlinebtc.icu SCAM
71. btcdrive.io SCAM
72. thispaid.com SCAM
73. picoworkers.com SCAM
74. lootbis.io SCAM