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Become a writer

If you visit our site regularly, you probably noticed that it is not possible to write a comment under the article. To tell the truth, I thought that comments often put people in error. A lot of people like to complain about given topics, about different types of websites and give only some real information.

In exchange for no comments, anyone can post on this blog and tell their story about making money online.

Why to become an author

As a person writing articles on this blog, you'll be able to share information about your online earning history with others. It seems to me that it is a better and more credible alternative than writing a short comment that mixes people in the head. Instead of finding an answer to your question, such a person will rather have mixed feelings and will not know anything new.

If you do not have enough motivation to earn money online, writing here you will be able to treat as your daily, which will motivate you to continue earning money online.

Of course, you can also have other goals related to writing here, that's your thing.

You can change your mind

If you are not sure about your writing skills, it is always worth a try. You can give up at any time, we do not set any requirements. At the beginning, each person will get help from us regarding the use of the site, writing articles according to our designated pattern, etc.


If you become a writer on our site you will be able to:
  • place your referral link in articles,
  • writing on any topic related to the subject of the site,
  • each of your articles will go to the mailboxes of our subscribers,
  • if you have your blog, you can write an article on our site, and in return you may put link to your site in the article,
  • active writers can place their banner as an advertisement on our site.


The requirements are not excessive, we just want the information you provide to be checked and reliable. We do not want people who will write lies like: "How to earn 2000 $ a week". Such a person will not be accepted.

How to start?

All you need to do is contact us via the "Contact us" tab. In the message, please provide information that you are interested in writing on our site and a brief information about yourself, type why you would like to write on our site, from where your interest in making money on the internet came from.