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Apex Legends Quiz - Questions and Answers

The quiz was performed on the Gamehag website, so it may differ from those available on other websites and offers. Checking the order of questions may vary depending on the page or time elapsed since the day. You can find it under name GimmeQuiz - APEX Quiz or The Ultimate Apex Legends Quiz. Use the CTRL + F shortcut in your browser to quickly search for mixed questions.


  1. What kind of game is Apex Legends?
  2. When was Apex Legends released?
  3. Is Apex Legends a free-to-play game?
  4. Should you play outside the ring in Apex Legends?
  5. Can you play Apex Legends on Xbox One, PS4 & PC?
  6. Which of these publishers is behind Apex Legends?
  7. Can you choose which character you want play as in Apex Legends?
  8. Can you choose where you want to land in Apex Legends?
  9. Does it make sense to stay close to your teammates in Apex Legends?
  10. Can you revive fallen teammates in Apex Legends?
  1. A battle royale
  2. 2019
  3. Yes
  4. No
  5. Yes
  6. Electronic Arts
  7. Yes
  8. Yes
  9. Yes
  10. Yes


  1. Now for a quick refresher question before things get harder: How many rounds are in an Apex Legend match?
  2. The real test is about to begin. When you’re ready, champion, click on ‘Next’ below!
  3. Let’s start with an easy one: Which developer is behind Apex Legends?
  4. How many players are assigned to one team in Apex Legends?
  5. At launch, how many characters were there to choose from in Apex Legends?
  6. Which of these is NOT a character in Apex Legends?
  7. Which of these is NOT an ability in Apex Legends?
  8. What language does Bloodhound introduce his name in during the training session?
  9. How much health does a purple Knockdown Shield have?
  10. How many seconds do you have to pick your character before the timer passes on to the next player before a match starts?
  11. How many Crafting Metals does The Plague Doctor skin for Bloodhound cost?
  12. One character cannot use ziplines while their special ability is activated in Apex Legends, who is it?
  1. 4
  2. NEXT
  3. Respawn Entertainment
  4. 3
  5. 8
  6. Myrage
  7. Earthshatter
  8. Icelandic
  9. 750
  10. 8 seconds
  11. 1,200
  12. Wraith
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