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Monday, April 22, 2019

Quick and easy ways to save money

We can gain money not only through earning. If we adequately dispose of them, we will have more and more of them. This is a superb way to increase your home budget. Our habits we have learned for many years lead to the fact we do not always think sensibly about how we spend money. Today I will show you how we can save a lot of money.

1. Do not pay with a credit card

One culprit for excessive spending is ordinary convenience. Because it is much easier for us to pay for purchases using a credit or debit card or to make them on the internet. We do not have to give someone live: cash - so we do not feel that we spend. 

If you think you pay with your card too often, remove it from your wallet and put it in your drawer deeply. Take out the money from the ATM and pay in cash. Cash is more conscious and ... painful. If you shop too much online, try to make a rehab, for example monthly (yes, possible). On the one hand, it will be a challenge for you, on the other you will save a lot.

2. Create a budget and use it

The rule is simple: to save money; spend less than you earn. If you do not count your expenses, it will be much harder to save you. 

Create a budget in the notebook (or Excel). From the amount you earn, subtract the one you want to save. You can spend only the amount that remains. Divide it into categories: fixed expenses (such as the payment for an apartment or fuel), food and unforeseen expenses (eg a sudden visit to the dentist). Planning is the key to success, and regular control of your finances only brings you closer to it.

3. Buy only what you need

Seemingly obvious advice, but are you surely applying to it? Surely you know people who do not have what to wear, but they also have none new clothes to wear. It is a good rule to introduce a rule that if I buy a new piece of clothing, we must throw an old man of the same type out. Surely you will not have a problem with it, and if you have a problem, is the new one needed? 

The same applies to electronics, for example. That the popular producer launches the sixth version of his smartphone does not force you to buy if my fifth version is still working fine.

4. Don't buy it. Fix it

Corporations, especially from the electronics industry, are getting used to the cheap product model - expensive service. As a result, it is often more profitable to buy a new product than to repair an old one. However, not always. 

Before throwing something away without thinking, check if it can not be fixed cheaply. We can replace the broken sole of decent shoes, and a broken laptop can be a matter of a damaged battery. Even an irreversibly torn jeans' leg does not mean you have to throw them away. There are many tailors who will make shorts for a small fee.

5. Don't buy in rush

Promotion at the supermarket, sale at the mall - do you think it is a good opportunity to do shopping and save money? You can be wrong. Going to the store during the promotion or sale is a much greater chance (or rather a risk) that you buy things you did not want and did not plan. 

There is a long-established rule to go to the store with a shopping list. You can enter another one that will be useful for larger expenses: before you buy something worth more than $100, wait 24 hours. After this time, you can say you do not need this item. Enthusiasm and excitement are sometimes a bad adviser.

6. Do not buy on credit

No matter how tempting it is, never take consumer credit to fulfill your whims. If you can pay $500 loan installment for two years ($ 12,000), it is better to put this money away and go for the same vacation for $ 9,000, and put the rest away or invest the rest.

7. Find a cheaper way to achieve your goal

You do not have to give up everything to save. Sometimes, find a way to not spend, but spend less. 
Look for cheaper substitutes for the products you use - this applies to both food (discounters are cheaper and sometimes just as tasty), as cosmetics and household chemistry. 

Do you love tasty food and good wine? Let them do it once in a while, for example once every two weeks. The small steps method is also effective in saving. It’s better to save less than nothing.

8. Purchasing with a list

We waste food mostly because we buy it too much. And why do we buy too much? First because we have no awareness of what and in what quantities we need. I have analyzed the topic with the rest in my example. Having a list I go around the store in specific areas, I go without a list and I am looking for something interesting - there is always something to be found.

9. Saving on cosmetics

There is nothing to cheat - the look matters. Many studies show that attractive women earn more, less often lose their jobs and can find a second sooner. This does not mean, however, that if we want to look nice, we need to spend a fortune on it. There are cosmetics that are cheap and expensive to differ slightly in composition. And among them are: body lotions, shower gels, preparations for cellulite and peels. What is worth spending more money on? For sure on face creams. It is also not worth saving on sun protection preparations. 

Besides, we will use if we know that the preparation, it is worth choosing the one in the larger tube. If we plan to buy a new product, let’s use the sample. This will allow us to save money spent on a missed cosmetic. In addition, it is worth following internet auctions. We find much cheaper brand cosmetics on them than those available on the shelves at the drugstore. However, be careful! Unfortunately, there is a risk of buying fakes, so shop in a proven place. There is also a cheaper way than shopping at a drugstore - doing them directly at the manufacturer. 

We can prepare many cosmetics at home - masks, scrubs, which will show equally good effectiveness as preparations available in stores.

10. If you do not need something, sell it

People collect everything - souvenirs, long-read books, unworn clothes or toys from childhood. All these things lie on the shelves in our homes, gathering dust on them. Some explain it with sentiment, others do not know why they did not throw it into the basket. 

The question arises - why do you want to throw it away, after all you can sell it! Not only that you get rid of obstructing, unnecessary things, you can still earn money from it. There are websites on which you can write literally everything after creating your own account. From clothes, devices such as a mobile phone or a radio, cinema tickets.


There is a lot quick and easy ways to save money. I mentioned only 10 of them, which I found really the easiest. There are other ways to take part in loyalty programs or setting up a savings account in a bank.