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Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Do not waste time on i-Say surveys

Recently I wrote your opinion about the Spare5 service. As I make money on the Internet, I thought I would refresh my memory and write about another website I dislike and I think I waste too much time on it. I received an invitation from i-Say to two surveys today.

Filling data

I think this is really an annoying thing from i-Say. Every time I receive a survey, we must again fill in the details regarding our address, place of residence and so on. It’s mainly about our data in person. Maybe it would not be so bad if they really gave any interesting remuneration. The worst part is that after filling in these data, I do not get caught in many surveys.

In competitive websites with surveys, I complete my data once and I do not have to ask stupid questions about each question before each questionnaire. Just as I have already received the invitation to the survey, I complete it. For something like this we get a normal reward and that’s fine.
If we already have a question before the survey, it will take 10 seconds to complete it, and in I-Say it will be almost a minute, besides 2.3 times less pay for getting into the survey. I do not recommend i-Say!

Fatal competition from i-Say

I participated in one competition a few months ago, which they organized. There was nothing great to do, you only had to order some virtual reward. This means that, for example, as a salary, we paid out to our PayPal account and we already had one ticket to the competition. Unfortunately, I was disappointed on the day they announced the winners. I guess it not supposed them to be remembered, less of it. I was like one winner, great! When I went to withdraw funds for the next day I received a message saying that unfortunately I am not one winner and their system was wrong and instead of 10 people there were 10,000 of them. 

Really, a total failure. Man is happy that he won and this flop is here. About these 10,000 winners, they did not send information; I had to contact them first to get an explanation of the whole situation. Personally, I have a feeling that this contest was cheated. I have not logged in for a long time on i-say maybe I hoped that I forgot about their site and I will not look for the prize. Well, that’s just my observation. I do not recommend i-Say surveys and the entire website.

Reward for surveys

They do not pay too much for the surveys. I can not have a good insight here because it probably depends on the country in which they locate it. But the situation looks like that we will receive +/- 2 euros for the dedicated time in polls. This also happens differently if you include these rejections in polls and the time we devote to it will come out if less.


I think my explanation convinced you it is not worth wasting time on i-Say. If you start your career in completing online surveys, I definitely do not recommend this site to you. Why be discouraged at the beginning when there are really many good sites. For the beginning I can recommend: MarketAgent