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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Transcriber job, is worth it?

Hello everyone after a long break. I decided to postpone blogging for some time, because of other more important issues that I had on my mind. However, once I started doing something, I have to stay with it.

Today I decided to write about quite popular lately earning on converting video or audio files to text. Work as a transcriptor, is it worth taking care, how much you can earn on internet transcription. I will try to answer these questions today.

Work as the transcriber - it's the easy job

It might seem that this work is easy. What can be difficult to write what you hear? Only we must first think about why someone has to pay for something that is easy to do and that rate - $0.6 for 1 minute. I give here the lowest rate at the moment offered by one of the websites that deal with it. However, it should be remembered that this is not the rate we receive for the work we do. As an employee, we will receive something like $2.5 for 10 minutes of the sound file translated into a text document.

This is where the stairs start because the sound files that we have to work with are of low quality - we have to listen carefully to talks because they are hard to catch - of course, not all audio files, but it is the vast majority.

Honestly, after convincing myself, I say that this is a very tiring task, maybe the remuneration for the work done is not the worst compared to GPT / PTC websites or surveys, but it is also not the best.

Transcribers job in reality

Beginner transcribers may think that distinguishing the voices on the recording is not difficult. Meanwhile, the reality is quite different. The more people appear on the recording, the bigger the art that is not always successful. All disturbances of the sound translate into problems with the identification of the interlocutor. Assigning a voice to a specific person is not easy, it is worth using the context of the whole conversation.

 Lack of concentration is the biggest enemy of every transcriber. You can not work effectively on transcribing a recording while something distracts the transcriber's attention. Faithful representation of the words heard to the written form requires a lot of mental activity for a long time. Added to this is a good knowledge of language rules, an understanding of the context of a conversation and the identification of interlocutors.

 An experienced transcriber who has mastered the art of fast and touchless typing on an hour-long recording takes an average of three hours of work. Of course, if it is a clear recording, which does not complicate the work. During this time, in addition to rewriting the listened recorder, the transcriber performs a spell check and appropriate text formatting. The poorer the quality of the recording, the longer the work on the transcription lengthens, many times you have to reverse the fragments to determine their content.

 Converting an audio-video recording to a written form are not just words. The situational context of the conversation recorded on the recording is very important. Without his understanding, it is often impossible to transcribe correctly. And to get to know the context well, you often have to listen to the passage a few times.

It seems that proper formatting of transcription of a recording is not an art. Meanwhile, it is not always possible to do this while working on the recording. Everything depends on the client's requirements. Some people need complex formatting, which the transcriber deals with after converting the recording into a written form. Only the entire finished text is edited to customer requirements.

Best transcribers sites

If I have not discouraged you with previous statements to this work. Now it's time for the best place where you could start your career in this profession, or if they say what some hobbies - for me making money online is what it is. I do not treat it as the main source of income. Rather, they are fines and cravings.

From my own experience I would recommend these websites:
  • UpWork.
  • Rev.
  • Scribie.
  • TranscribeMe.
  • Quicktate.
  • GoTranscript.
  • Tigerfish.
I will not write too much about these pages, because I have the most experience with GoTranscript. Pages of this type do not differ much, except at rates, but I would rather not look at it. The higher the income a site that deals with transcription like Rev, Tigerfish, and others offers to us, the greater the requirements.

It may turn out that we will be able to do our job well, and we will have a leg once or twice and we will not be able to continue working on the website. Some sites also require a verified PayPal account from us, if someone does not know what it is, I explain. Paypal is an online wallet on which some websites pay out the money we earn.

I would like to delete such services at the beginning it is better to choose one that gives us the fastest possible access to becoming a transcriber. Of course, in most of these sites, we will have to do a short test or two first. This is to check our knowledge of our language and whether we have read the information on the page. What service are different rules for video transcription or mp3.

Earn as the transcriber - Summary

If you are a person with good hearing and a patient, then I think that this casual job or what for some of you it is worth to try full time. Earnings cannot be high unless we master this work to perfection then it can happen. We have nothing to lose and much to gain.