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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

TimeBucks - Micro Jobs And Paid Surveys

Today I will present you TimeBucks website. The site is available to people from every part of the world. Everyone who makes money by filling out surveys or short tasks, such as watching videos or reading various types of pages, can earn extra money here.


Paid surveys on TimeBucks

One of the available options for earning money on the site are paid surveys. Here is different from on websites that specialize only in surveys - in this case we receive invitations to e-mail surveys. At TimeBucks it is different to check if we have available any surveys first we have to log in to the site. Then we have to go to the “Earn” tab and then “Surveys”. At the moment, the website cooperates with such sites as: Tap Research, Routers, Theorem Reach, Peanut Labs, Poll Fish, Revenue Wall, Adscendmedia.

I will not give rates are for surveys, because it depends on the length of the questionnaire and the country in which we live. However, from what I watched, the rates are a few percents better than in competitive websites, which really predicts well if we will do it longer. A daily survey comprising several questions is also available on the website. Its filling takes literally 10 seconds.

Micro jobs on TimeBucks

Another method of earning money on the site are short tasks, at the beginning we have even such tasks as filling out the profile. Make little money but always something. Other tasks involve watching movies - this is available for every country. In other websites, it is rather that only a small part of countries have this option available. Going further, we can also earn by reading pages, which visit - 5, 10 seconds and we get a reward for it. 

A further part of the short tasks are social media, ie Facebook or Instagram, usually we need to like a website.

A little bit of everything

On the site you will also find a tab such as “Offerwalls” or how the name says various types of offers. We will earn here on surveys, quizzes, visiting websites, signing up for various contests and so on. There are many possibilities. 

The site cooperates with: ADGEM, radiumone, Personaly, superrewards, WANNADS and many others. I counted 12 different partners. 

On the site you will also find a tab such as “Tasks” are the tasks from the well-known site Figure Eight. It’s also a lot of tasks here, it’s more complicated. One example of such a task might be to segregate offers from some internet site. This means we will get photos and descriptions and we have to confirm or not whether they are in the right category, whether the picture is true and so on.

Lotteries and cashback

If we complete 10 tasks, we can take part in the lottery once a day. This is a great option because the highest reward we can win is $100, and just be active on the site. 

There is also a so-called - CashBack, we buy something in a store and we get a prize in the form of cash back from the amount we spend.

Earnings and payment on Timebucks

Earnings I would say are average on this website. Not too small, but not huge. If we go to the site every day and fill out the offers, we should easily earn $10 in a month. You need this amount to pay. If we focus to a large extent on completing surveys, we will even earn a double of this amount within a month. 

Payments to the most popular internet wallets: PayPal, Payeer and Bitcoin.


I think TimeBucks website is worth checking. It offers worthy earnings for this site. It has an enjoyable interface, the minimum for withdrawal is low and we also participate in a special prize draw just for being an active player.