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Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to earn Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are everywhere and when they came into circulation, few believed in this virtual currency. Now it has a different value. Today I wrote about another aspect of earning via the Internet or the title Bitcoins. This not currency gives us a lot of possibilities. From apparent digging, it is a major investment. How can you earn Bitcoins? I invite you to read.

Earn Bitcoins by investment

If you are already in possession of Bitcoins, make them work on themselves. How? Nothing easier. Earn Bitcoins with monthly interest from people who borrow from you..
  • Borrow directly to someone you know. You determine whether a person is trustworthy. Reconcile the conditions on which the transaction will take place, duration and interest. The disadvantage of this solution is probably that it will be difficult for you to find a friend who will meet your expectations and will want to borrow on your terms. It is a cool idea how to earn Bitcoins.
  • Social loans in Bitcoins - platforms that enable investing in borrowers from around the world. One option that offers this solution is Bitbond. Verified borrowers publish a loan application and you can help them finance it. My advice in this matter is investing smaller amounts in various borrowers to diversify the risk. In this solution, Bitcoin replaces money. The borrower gets a certain amount of money for a certain period and repays it with interest. Here, however, know 2 things. Remember that the platform through which you invest is trustworthy and check exactly who you are loaning your Bitcoins.
  • Borrowing Bitcoins is a good way to make even more of them. And remember my warning, borrow only on platforms you’ve read about and know that they are trustworthy. Such websites should meet standards as you would expect from similar sites that are not based on Bitcoin technology (eg LendingClub). Unfortunately, in the world of Bitcoin, there are a lot of platforms that try to stretch the user and they turn out to be just a scam. So, if you want to earn Bitcoins by borrowing, make sure you deal with whom twice.

Earn Bitcoins by digging

Bitcoin mining, or digging Bitcoins. This is the process by which it generates new Bitcoins. When generating Bitcoins, the computer adds the newly produced cryptocurrency to the block chain, or blockchain. It is used to store data, which are transactions occurring in the Bitcoin network. 

Bitcoin digging requires specialized equipment, and therefore is very expensive, most of the individual miners join the so-called mining pools. We can call them mines. By providing your computing power, you can earn Bitcoins with digging without having to create your own mine. There are whole communities around Bitcoin digging, and although Bitcoins can be earned in this way, it’s just good fun.

Earn Bitcoins through trading

Some say trade is gambling. While these two things have something in common, they are very different. While gambling, there is a certain likelihood of both winning and failing. However, when you trade assets, it becomes much more complicated. That’s why this point will help you understand how to earn Bitcoins through trading. 

The simplest method in this case is arbitration, the concept of which is simple. We buy on an exchange rate on one stock exchange and immediately sell on the other at a higher price. However, you need to make sure we can sell the asset immediately at a certain price. If it fails, then talk about speculation. Here, you can buy a cryptocurrency and then wait until its price increases so you can earn Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins on Ads

We can also earn Bitcoins through advertising. There are two ways by which you can enlarge your resources of this cryptocurrency. First, there are websites that pay with Bitcoins for watching ads. Although earnings are tiny, this method does not require financial contributions, it is also not labor-intensive. It is necessary to have an open advertisement page and to confirm the presence from time to time by entering the CAPTCHA code.

We can withdraw profit after reaching the minimum threshold. The second method intended for website owners is placing paid advertisements on their blogs, which, when clicked, redirect to another website. Principals can pay a commission in Bitcoins.

The more traffic on the page combined with clicking on the ads, the more profit the contractor receives. You should remember that you should not exaggerate with the number of ads because it deters users, and the effect is counterproductive.

Earn Bitcoins with affiliate programs

A good way is to establish cooperation with companies and receive remuneration or share in profits. Affiliate programs consist in recommending by the user to other people of a service. When we advertise a product or service to someone and this person uses the offer by logging in to our link, they will credit the amount of remuneration to our account. In this way you can promote internet services closely related to Bitcoin, portfolios, websites or stock exchanges, and physical products such as Bitcoin and book excavators.

Earn Bitcoins by promoting Airdrops

This is a kind of marketing activity. Join the community that promotes the right program, such as Airdrop. We get the salary in virtual coins. The task is to share project pages on their social media, recommend them to friends and any similar promotional activities. It is profitable because the cryptocurrency got in this way can often be exchanged for a large amount of standard money. Very many platforms reward the user with cryptocurrencies for registering on the site.

Earn bitcoins on taps

This is an additional method, which will not bring great profits, but it is worth to pay attention to it in your free time. There are places that are called taps. You can get free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies you get for clicking or, sometimes, recommending friends. We can get additional percentages for their activities. We achieve the best results with daily clicking and regular actions. You need a virtual wallet to transfer your funds.


There are a lot of ways to earn Bitcoins online. If you already decide on a method or check all, remember that we need a special wallet for this currency. Personally, until now, I checked only CoinbaseIf you are a beginner or a green person in this topic, it should be enough for you to start with. You can also wait for my next post, in which I may share mu view on the wallets for our Bitcoins.