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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Guide on earning by shortening links

Hello everyone, today I focused once again on earning short links online. Using such services as the above bee. I have already written about this site here: URL Shortening via adf.ly
Today I focused mainly on the aspect of earning through this service and answer a few issues related to it.


Why choose adfly

Yes, yes, you are right to write advice, but first I would like to write an important thing, why I recommend this site because it is also an important thing. Nowadays, there is a lot on this page. Many people think by shortening the links, you can no longer earn money. It means that 3-4 years ago it could have been a good way to earn money online. Do you buy an offer on the VOD site but that times have passed.

You can still make money on shortening links! Someone will say he promoted his links on a social networking site, and now he can not because they block links for example. No problem needs to bypass this and in this guide, in the following part, I will write how to do it. Persevere until the end and gained knowledge will be useful to you.

I return to the previous question: Why adfly? The website works practically from the beginning of this industry, if we add our links somewhere on the network, we are sure they will be there next year. New sites appear often offer high rates and then disappear as soon as they appeared. This means we will have to improve our work, change links. Sometimes, unfortunately, it will not be possible. This means we will lose revenue we could have achieved if they have not removed our links. It’s good to bet on reliability, not on stakes.

 Most new services also work a little on different terms, they have a so-called question on the robot which reduces conversions. They also add AdSense ads on their pages. If they reject it or block temporarily by this advertising network, then this is a problem for us - there will be no cash. adfly is different, individual people and companies buy from them, so there is no focus on one source of customers and advertising so there is practically no risk for us not to pay. The advertiser’s money is paid in advance.

How to make money on shortening in 2019

If you have been dealing with shortening links. It means that you earned money from it. You should know that all the methods that were used to earn money through those websites were still in effect. The only exception is the inconvenience in some websites, but we can bypass it and it will always be possible. The only downside is just that I have more work to do.

You probably noticed that I’m not a fan of adding pictures, except those in the headlines. There are a few exceptions, but I will rather stay with writing. I do not want to add pictures that do not contribute too much. I prefer to focus on important information.

Earning on YouTube

Okay, so let’s get to the details now. Describe several methods and how to use them. The popular YouTube goes to the first fire.

How to make money on YouTube by shortening links? It’s easy to first focus on our niche, we have to add instructional videos under which we could add a link to the website, a downloadable program that is not publicly available. It’s your head to get a program like this. There are free programs difficult to find or many people do not know about them. Such programs are good enough for the average user.

Where to find such a program, for example in Google. If we find the right material, then we can go to the creation of the movie, we add a brief instruction and finally we announce that the link to the program is in the video. It is also good to explain to people who will click on our link you need to click SKIP AD in the upper right corner. This is very important because some people will think something is wrong - we will have low conversions. I have seen many such videos with an explanation and a great result. In addition, people who watched the film did not bother it too much - there was a string of good comments there.

Social Media

If you have already tried this, you know that Facebook after trying to add a link from adfly makes it difficult for us by the message we will rewrite code to confirm the addition of our link. It is easy to get around, but you need to create a website - you can use some free solution. Actually, I would recommend using free hosting because we do not need a website. It’s just about adding the correct code on it so that when the user clicks on our link, he/she redirected it to adfly

Just add the code:


    You will be redirected in 3 seconds<br />


        var timer = setTimeout(function() {


        }, 3000);




You can change:
3000 - 3 seconds ( 1000 = 1 )
Where you see example.com type your adfly URL

If we create a blog, just add this script in the post and each post can redirect to another link.

I've written before where you can set up a free blog: Where to set up a free blog

If we already know how it should go downhill. First, we must create a group or join some. We can also create a fan page. Mainly the point is to find those who can send our link. If we have funds, we can buy fans for our group or fan page, I do not recommend artificial punching. If we already have to look for those who are willing, I recommend simply advertising on another fan page. Then we will have people who are really interested in what we place.

You must also remember to really work hard on the development of the fan page, the group because only in this way we will be able to definitely get visits to our link. The choice of subject belongs to you, everyone is good. Remember to add new entries often and so on. If we gather the right group of people from time to time, add a link from adfly with a hidden answer to any question or another interesting thing. You have a success like in a bank. In the beginning, it may be difficult but with time you will have better and better ideas. You will also have a larger audience and the profit should be stable.

This topic is wide like a river. I could exchange methods and methods for a very long time but I do not want to bore you and go to the next way. However, if you are really interested in this topic, you can contact me, and maybe I will write the next guide mainly about making money through Facebook. I mean making money by shortening the links. The contact form is at the top of the page.

Internet forums, blog etc..

This is another method I will describe today, there are many more but to try every one I described today should take a dear reader to take enough time.

Forums, how it can be shortened. Many people are looking for certain things to download or looking for old information. This is really a lot. I saw things I would not think in my life that someone is looking for. In addition, you can earn money from it. All you need to do is find the right niche and bricklaying. With blogs is even better because we can add what we want. Recently I saw several blogs where people added answers to quizzes in shortened links. If someone in this quiz got 100%, he got cents for it, but he made a living. In this example, you can see that if someone really wants to find something, even a shortened link is not a problem.

We can also add links to various types of hacks, cheats for games. People often look for this kind of thing. The best alternative, in this case, is to set up a blog because only he gives us the freedom to run this niche. Later, all you need to do is promote our article on pages about a similar topic or place where people are looking for a particular hack, cheat and we have a move.


I hope that the methods described here will help you start your career with shortening the links. I wrote mainly about making money on Youtube, Social Media, and my blog or internet forums because I consider this to be the main, best sources of traffic acquisition. In Social Media, I focused only on Facebook, because all other social websites work on a similar principle. Just like not only is Youtube but also other services like Dailymotion. The choice is yours.