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Friday, March 22, 2019

Do not waste time on Spare5

Have you heard about Spare5? This is a page that allows us to earn by doing short actions. It works similarly as Figure Eight only pays better. At least that's how many people think. Today I will explain why it is a waste to waste time on this website.

What is Spare5?

Spare5 is a site that pays for short actions. Our task is mainly to teach artificial intelligence the recognition of given objects, people, places and not only. If we qualify for a task, we get an invitation to it with instructions on how to do it. However, previously we have to perform various tasks in which they will teach us how to do them. They will show most often making mistakes in their performance. Unfortunately, they do not pay us for it.

What does earning look like?

Earnings are within $0.01 to $0.03 for a task that takes an average of 1 minute. What some would say is good. I do not think so because I received little of them myself. Probably the hours I was logged in on Spare5 had something to do with it, I'm not sure. This is the main problem for which I do not recommend this website to anyone. First, we will learn to do a lot of tutorials and then nothing like that because there will be no tasks. I think they have too many people. As I assumed here, the account had a program of referrals from which they quickly withdrew. Probably that's what it's about - too many people too few tasks.

The site also has its own application, unfortunately, I did not try it but I know what not what.

If we download their application to our phone, we will have new tasks that are not visible after logging on to the computer. Mainly we will have to take pictures of various things - lanes on the road, umbrella, car or heater. If someone has a lot of free time or goes to a doctor, he can use this time to take pictures. We will combine pleasant and useful ones in this way. I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the information about the quality of the photo because it must be light, visibility and the target must be in the middle of the photo.

On the phone, there are always such tasks available, unfortunately, they are more time-consuming, which is not very well-paid in terms of rates.

Why Spare5 is a waste of time?

Already in previous answers and descriptions, I referred to this. The main thing is that if you're a new user, you have little chance of getting a job. In addition, you need to do all these guides, for which we will lose a lot of time. I have been looking at Spare5 alone recently, out of curiosity, if something new is added and at least because I wanted to finally write an opinion about them. They are not as bad as I write, I just got late. If I registered at the beginning of their existence, I would probably have a better chance of earnings and better opinions about them.

How to withdraw money from Spare5?

If I have not discouraged you from joining Spare5, I have one good piece of information for you, the minimum for withdrawing funds on their part is low. It's only $1, and they do not charge you additional fees. Unfortunately, the only withdrawal option is via PayPal.


On the internet, if you're checking several spare5 reviews, you'll find a lot of good reviews. I am just one of those who did not get to know this program from a different angle and I express my honest opinion about it. If you are looking for something good check other websites we recommend.