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Monday, October 01, 2018

Picoworkers - legitemate small tasks and micro jobs

legitemate small task and micro job

Picoworkers is a new site that gives us the opportunity to earn by doing short tasks or how people in the industry used to say micro job. In today article, I will answer the most important questions regarding the functionality of the website, solvency, and whether it is worth registering and earning money.

What are the short tasks?

We have a lot of offers to do on this site. Tasks usually comprise registering on a website, usually they are other commercial websites. In conclusion, we will probably have to register on various types of GPT pages, PTC or even various types of link shortcuts.

Paid registration tasks are usually easy to register on a website and click on several ads or do it for a few days. The longer the task, the higher the salary, and the minimum amount we can get for the action is at the moment $0.07.

 Other types of tasks we can meet are also visiting websites, do not confuse it with watching websites, because there is a lot of different things. What is it about? The client requires us to visit a website, be it from a direct link that gives or locates a website through a Google search engine, Bing or other and visiting his website.

This task does not end because there are usually additional requirements like visiting two different sub-pages or clicking on some advertisement. The salary for such tasks usually falls within the range of $0.08

The last form of micro-work is writing comments on blogs or Facebook. Here, earnings are higher because they are within $0.13. It does not require a lot of knowledge from us, we need writing skills. Sometimes, however, we can meet with restrictions on the country, but it is rare

Ongoing jobs

On picoworkers, earning ends not only with short tasks or how some say short works. We also have offers available here for people who are interested in higher earnings it also involves a greater amount of time. In this section, various types of people post their job offers to those interested.

These tasks repeatedly, depending on the designated limit. The work is different, it can write articles, searching for content on Google, finding information on various topics, filling out surveys, other tasks. Practically there is no rare range of tasks we can have to perform. It can be anything the client wants, the earnings here can be high because as with writing, the amount reaches up to $1, and the offer can be made several times, if we add other offers we want to do, we can even earn these $50.

Fiction and reality in micro jobs

Unfortunately, not everything looks so rosy, we will not earn millions unless we work from the ongoing jobs section. Regarding short tasks - within a week we can earn about $1 somewhere because there are not so many offers. It means that after each of them we do not have the opportunity to take part in it again. It is rather work for the patient.

 We can withdraw money after collecting $ 5 on:
  • Amazon,
  • US Bank Cheque,
  • Crypto Currency,
  • Paypal
  • Paysafecard.
    We get 1 $ for registration, unfortunately, this amount is not possible to withdraw. We can only spend it on creating your own tasks.

    To withdraw money or spend it?

    Here is my idea. You do not have to pay any money if you already have an account on other interesting websites about earning money, thanks to this site you can get recommended persons on them. The important thing is that you set the conditions that a person must meet to receive money. It means that you should take such a threshold that each registration will be turned to you.

    It may happen that on some site you collect an amount, and then you cannot wait, so you can buy referrals and do it faster. In addition, collecting $5 on picoworkers may not be so it will be a good idea to exchange money from this site for a different one. In addition, we get a start for $1 to spend on your own purchases, so we buy referrals and thanks to this we will transfer money to another site because we will set a requirement that the registrations will be returned to us in 100%.


    The picoworkers page is not a good side to earning, but it always gives us some new opportunities. If we make money on GPT websites and when we run out of offers to do it then we can use our new discovery. as an addition to another page, i.e. increasing profits.