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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Scam or legit? How to check guide!

Scam or legit? How to check guide!

Hello everyone, today I decided to write a guide about where and how to check if the site pays! It's always worth before we start making money on a given website. Just because someone recommends a website does not mean that it is solvent!

Bad sources of information about the site

Not every page we go to tells the truth about a given page. Some even have an interest in giving us bad information about the site. If you are looking for valuable information then you should definitely use these tips:
  • If you are reading an article on a given website, always check whether the blog is not abandoned by the author. You should check when the author has added his last post if in the last month. This information on the site should rather be up to date.
  • If you are reading information on a given website, check whether the author does not recommend sites that are certainly not solvent. Here you need some experience and knowledge from other sources about a given website.
  • Never follow the article on one side only, unless you know that the site provides true and verified information and is constantly updated.
  • Never fully trust the information provided on the form of the page on which you want to earn. Usually, such posts are removed, so you will never know about bad aspects. You will find there only positive reviews, it applies to new GPT and PTC websites.

Good sources of information about the site

Now I will give you a few hardened ways to check information about a given page. They are very reliable and most often true if we follow the rules.
  • Internet forums are the best source of information. We will find there many opinions on different pages. However, you should not trust users' opinions too much, who are new to your forum or have few posts. Because such people are often looking for referrals to specific programs and are themselves ignorant. This means that they recommend websites that will not pay them anyway.
  • There are also websites that mainly deal with gathering opinions about particular websites. This means that users who earn money on a given website speak about it. Here, too, I would have limited my faith in this information, if the site has only positive opinions, something must be wrong. Probably people who have bad feelings about it do not even want to express themselves.
  • Blogs kept up-to-date with frequently updated information are also good sources. It's good to find just one of these blogs and use it mainly.


Always check the information about the page. It's better to do it than let you be disappointed after a week of earning that the site will not pay you. I recommend checking this information on blogs frequently updated and of course on internet forums.