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Saturday, September 01, 2018

RewardingWays Review - Legit GPT Site

rewardingsways review

Rewardingways is a GPT website that has been in existence since 2011 or 7 years now. The same person who runs this site also has two other websites that work on the same rules. Each of them enjoys the same popularity among users and a very good opinion, how it differs from other such sites and why it is worth creating an account exactly here in today's article.

I don't recommend this page any longer. They have very strict rules, they block your account very often if you are a person from outside the US. They pay, but you will lose so many time on this site and after it, they will ban you. On the internet, you can find a lot of opinions on pages about this site, unfortunately, most people who speak on this topic get paid for it from rewardingways. If you look well, you will also find pages where people from around the world speak and describe similar situations like me here. With the fact that not all people who complain about this site, received the payment of their money earned.

About RewardingWays

For the registration on the site we get completely free $ 0.2, so for the minimum payment, we have to collect only $ 0.8. We have a lot of partner services available here, such as Adgate Media, Peanut Labs, Acon, Wall Ads, and many others, together there are around 20. Available offers depend on the country in which we are located, i.e. on all sites of this type.

Earnings method:

  • paid surveys - for each opinion we express on various topics, we receive a reward. The rate we receive depends on several aspects such as the length of the survey, our country, the requirements to qualify for the survey, so a single survey can be up to 5 $.
  • playing games - we need to register on a given website or download the application with the game and perform certain actions, that is, to reach a given level or perform a task. The rates are different, remember that the bigger the prize, the longer it will take us to do this action. If the rate reaches the order of $ 3, it may even take us a week to complete such registration. Of course, the time is distributed, i.e. the bottoms we need to sit, e.g. 30 minutes in the game and then we do not have the opportunity to do anything interesting, so it requires us to enter the next day, perform certain actions and so, until we manage to meet the requirements specified in the offer.
  • buying - we have to make a purchase, and after doing it we will get some reimbursement, unfortunately, it is not really profitable, because we are here to earn money, and we will definitely spend more on the purchase than we will earn. This method is completely unprofitable unless you get a product that you would buy anyway.
  • filling quizzes - we take part in a quiz, and after it, we receive a prize. You should always check what the requirements are to meet. If the prize is greater than 10 cents, then most likely we have to achieve 100% correct answers, if we fail to do it for our, which we sacrificed, unfortunately, we will not receive a rare reward. Sad but true.
  • recommending friends - as the name says, you send a referral link to friends, you may place it somewhere on the social networking site and You will get a percentage of her earnings from every person who signs up.
  • other offers - such as the likes on facebook, twitter, joining a group of followers, on community portals are also placed from time to time codes, after which we get a reward, for example, 0.15 $. At the moment, also if we get our first payment and we can get it on some online forum about earning, we can get a reward. It is quite a big prize, for as much as $ 1, practically for nothing.

RewardingWays - withdrawing money

The site pays out money very quickly, if we receive our first payment, then the next one will be instant. However, be careful when you pay from this site for the first time.

 If we are new users, the first thing that will happen to us when we first try to withdraw funds is phone verification. After entering the number, their machine will call us, we will hear some lady or gentleman who will be telling us single digits, we must copy them into the appropriate form instructions on the page. After verifying the number, we can withdraw money to our account. Available payment methods are Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, Amazon, and Payza.

 If you have been able to collect money for withdrawal in a short period of time then you should remember that they may want to check the correctness of the offers you have made. This means that they will ban your account and each month wait until they check whether your offers have been honestly done.

 Do not worry, you will receive your earned money, your account will be blocked only when you withdraw funds to your account. However, I recommend earning a larger amount and making the first payment only after a month, thus avoiding any unnecessary blocking of your account.

Other information

The RewardingWays page has very fast support. This means that if we write a ticket to them with some question about the site, or the problem we encountered, the answer should reach us on the same day.

There are also various types of contests worth $ 1,000 each month, however, to qualify for them you must have very high earnings on this site, which is rather not possible for new users.


RewardingWays is a great GPT website, offering high rates for our offers. Very fast payouts are available, usually on the same day. The site has a very transparent interface which further facilitates our earning on the Internet.