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Friday, September 21, 2018

Paid to click - what you should known?

Earning money by clicking on ads is one of the currently available forms of earning money online. Many people who want to contribute to the domestic budget with additional funds are wondering about the legitimacy of such activities. Do they really pay off? Is the company honest and really paying money? How this is looked at in practice, treats this article - the information contained in it will help to dispel many doubts.

Clicking on ads - what is it about?

Anyone who is interested in issues related to paid clicks on advertisements and considering taking this kind of activity should realize one important matter - namely that the discussed solution does not bring dizzying profits and should not be treated as the main source of income. It's just a way to enrich your wallet with additional funds that will allow you to pay your bill or make small purchases, for example.

How it's working? The mechanism is very simple. You register in the appropriate service - they are referred to as BUX. At the given e-mail address you receive advertising messages in which you have to click - the remuneration is calculated for this particular activity. The PPC billing model applies here - pay per click, you can also contact the abbreviation PTC for paid to click. In any case, in both cases it's about the same thing: you click on the ad - you earn, you do not click - you do not make money.

Clicking on ads - is it worth it?

Paid clicking on ads is a job with no advantages. Most often in this context, the following aspects are indicated:
  •  anyone who has a computer with internet access and good intentions can click, 
  • there is no need to make a financial contribution, 
  • no experience or specialized skills are needed, 
  • you decided about how much time per day is spent on clicking, 
  • it is a very flexible form of online earning, which can be easily adapted to your own expectations and possibilities.
 Is it possible to talk about the disadvantages of the discussed method? You definitely need to take the amendment on two most important aspects:
  •  single-click rates are not high, so you need to be involved in many programs to earn a specific amount,
  • in the long run, clicking is tedious, so it is advisable to take other activities in the area of online earning.

How to choose good BUX?

The network has a lot of websites offering clicks on ads for a fee. How to choose the best? Here's a handful of useful tips:
  •  read the terms and conditions of the website carefully - if it is not there, it is difficult to take this site seriously, check the credibility of the website - 
  • find out what the internship is and what users think about it, also in terms of solvency,
  • the lower the minimum to withdraw, the better,
  • find out if the program has limits on the number of referrals, and if so, what limits, 
  • what are the options for earning - just clicking on ads or, for example, filling out surveys, performing tasks, watching paid videos, etc.

Where to find good BUX/PTC site?

Check our recommendations for PTC sites, PTC SITES tab. With us, you can be sure that you will find checked websites, detailed information on functionality, earnings, and payouts. If you are our subscriber, you can count on the latest information in this topic, and additionally participate in many promotions and returns that ordinary users do not have access to.