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Monday, September 03, 2018

Linkshrink Review 2018 - Legit Shortener

Linkshrink Review 2018 - Legit Shortener

Today I will write about the LinkShrink shortcut. The company has been operating on the market since 2014, there are mixed opinions about it. The rates are rather not the best, but why do so many people still work here, make money? Read this article and you'll find out everything.


About Linkshrink 

If you have met with other opinions about this site, for example on other blogs, forget about them! I checked what others are writing and I'm really surprised. Usually, you can read that this shortcut has high rates, that's not true. The highest earnings you can get here at 1000 impressions of our link is $ 6. Do you say little? Maybe so, but there are other advantages of this site, because it counts as few people to several of the same person.

 Short links with the LinkShrink website are also a bit more enjoyable. What does it mean? If you have already used other shortcuts, then you know that you have to do verification once or not be a robot or other such things. Here it is not. The user simply waits 5 seconds and can go to the landing page. For this reason, there are also worse earnings here, but in exchange, the conversion increases, where in the case of other such services, say 10 out of 10 entries, here can be even 100%.

If we have a simple niche, where, let's say, people only get started one time, they will encounter such a redirection, I mean our responders, with whom we will share our link. In such a case, LinkShrink will always be a better solution, because in fact with a lot of better shortcuts, converting us will fall so that it will not even be profitable to use them.

Is Linkshrink legit or scam?

Most people who the website have not paid, probably used the website to exchange traffic. It means that she threw her link to such a site and automatically made her impressions. If you think of an easy profit, a type that you use a bot to punch traffic or other types of such things, then forget about paying out.

 There are other factors that could have caused this. The regulations also contain information not to spam. You will think that they can not check it out. It's not true. It's enough that someone report our link and swiftly. Probably we will not even wait to withdraw funds from the account because we will get ban.

 And the last key factor - human malice. What does it mean? And the fact that we put a link somewhere where we should not have and someone made us angry. How? He simply threw our link to the traffic exchange service and made us display impressions. We can not help it anymore. Although if it will be a reasonable way to share our links, and after the request of the person does not share the links on their site, this should not happen. You always have to remember to do everything in a reasonable way.

Remember to always read the site's regulations about where and how to share our links!

How to payout earned funds?

First, we need to complete the information regarding the withdrawal of funds in our profile. There are such forms of withdrawal available as through the online wallet - paypal. For this method, the minimum is the lowest, because it is only $ 5. Another way is to withdraw funds through cryptocurrencies - bitcoin and etherum 15 $ and litecoin 5 $. We also have a payoneer service available, unfortunately the minimum is very high because it's up to $ 50.


The LinkShrink shortener is a fully solvent and reliable service if you follow the regulations. The payout is also very low because it is only $ 5. The rate is lower than the rest but counts more clicks and has a better conversion.