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Sunday, September 09, 2018

GPTPlanet Review - Legit PTC Site

GPT Planet Review

GPTplanet is a PTC site, it's mean we getting paid for watching ads. The owner is "Dimitris KOR" from Greece. It's same owner who has Scarlet-clicks and OptimalBux. The program is characterized by a low minimum needed to payout (you can withdraw money after collecting $ 1 for payment processors Skrill, Perfect Money, Payeer, Neteller, SolidTrustPay, or crypto currencies: Bitcoin, Dash and Litecoin). The site accepts users from every country.

GPT Planet review - Legit PTC

Making Money on GPTPlanet

On the GPTplanet website, after registering and logging in, you will find the following tabs with earnings methods available:
  •  VIEW ADS: So the basic tab in which you earn money is clicking paid ads. The value of ads in the "Standard" account varies from $ 0.0005 - $ 0.003 per click. About 10-15 ads appear daily. All you need to do is click the ad, wait a certain time, and then click the inverted image. Earnings for the viewed ad will be automatically added to your balance in the program. 
  • EARN MORE: This tab contains monetization methods such as: GPTgrid, PTCWall, Offers4All, PleWall. GPTgrid: GPTgrid is a tab with contest clicks. You will receive every day chances to win $ 1 USD. Just click on any square and wait specified time. In case of winning, it will be automatically added to Your balance in the program. 
  • PTCWall: These are additional paid clicks (PTCAds), offers (TOP OFFERS) and paid surveys (SURVEY), originating from the company external (PTCWall). The cents earned in this tab or dollars, will be automatically added to your balance in GPTplanet. 
  • Offers4All: It also includes additional paid cliques (PTCAds), offers (Quick tasks) and paid questionnaires (Persona.ly), originating from the company external (Offers4All). Earned in this the cents or dollars tab will be automatically added to your balance in GPTplanet. 
  • PleWall: As with previous bookmarks - at PleWall you will find additional paid advertising (PTC Ads), offers (PTSU Ads) and surveys (Surveys). Earned in with this tab cents or dollars will be added to your balance in GPTplanet. 
  • AdPacks: (or Revenue Share shares) - in this tab, making money involves buying "Adpacks" (advertising packages). Is it profitable to buy AdPacks? Each advertising package costs $ 10 USD. For this price you will receive 10 PTC credits and 5,000 banner views + you will receive theoretically, the return of 120% of the paid amount, or $ 12 USD. How long will you receive the refund? Theoretically after 240 days from the purchase of the package advertising (0.5% per day on the Standard account). Why not "invest" in such programs? Unfortunately, there is none guarantee that the terms, interest rate or refund time will not change after some time time for worse. That is why you should be careful about such purchases and not "invest" more than you can lose. You never know how long such a program it will function properly and withdraw money. And even better and it is safest to refrain from any purchases for such websites and earn, for example, only on watching advertisements, offers and programs partner. 
  • PTSU: This is a tab with paid entries. For subscriptions to other programs, etc. you can get extra cents or dollars here. Read the instructions for offers in detail. Affiliate program: You can also earn money by recommending a new program users: You will receive 10% of the recommended mail (in the standard account). materials promotional (links and reference banners) can be found on your account, in the tab "Banners.
  • Renting RR referrals: Is it worth lending RR referrals in this program? In my opinion, it is not very profitable and better bet on obtaining direct referral DR. If you have a different opinion on this one subject.

Why to choose GPTPlanet?

GPTPlanet website has its advantages and disadvantages, I will present to you now these aspects that I was able to see through the use of some of this site. These were various things related to earning, navigating the site and other details that affect participation in this program.


  1. Stability and solvency: GPTPlanet exists and systematically pays from 2010, what is a great achievement on the market of this type of programs. You can find the network a lot of proofs of withdrawals from this program.
  2.  Low minimum to withdraw (withdrawals after collecting $ 1 ).
  3.  The program accepts users from all countries, anyone can join and earn.
  4. No fees: Participation is free, it does not depict any "investments" or shopping.
  5. Known owner of the program (the same owner who owns Scarletclicks).
  6. Good reviews: GPTplanet enjoys good feedback among program users Paid to Click type.
  7. No limits: The program has no limit on the number of direct referrals DR. This is important an asset for those who can beat get many of them (gathering referrals is not obligatory but increases our earnings).
  8. You do not need to stay on the site when you broadcast an ad. You can do it at this time anything else, for example, browse other websites.
  9. The program has a forum where you can read the latest information and talk to other users


  1. As in any Paid to Click program, with a lonely one clicking (without referrals) the amount collected does not grow too fast. To make money in measure quickly, you should invite "Referrals" (on the program page there are promotional materials - links and banners that facilitate the acquisition of new ones users). Inviting "Referrals" is not mandatory, but increases earnings in program. 
  2. Low rates for the viewed ad (fractions of a cent). 
  3. Earning in GPTplanet can not replace normal work, with due to low earnings. It's just an extra "job" you can do when using the internet. 
  4. Big risk of losing liquidity: GPTPlanet is a commercial site of the Bux type / Revenue Share. It provides rental of recommended RR and so-called AdPack, where the user pays some amount on the loan of referrals, and later theoretically it pays with the commission calculated. Sites that provide this type of services they are more exposed to loss of financial liquidity than, for example, GPTR or questionnaire panels - having a real business model (enabling you to earn only on watching ads, completing surveys and partner program). The owner of the program He proved to all the unbelievers that his parties would sweat be solvent for many years, but after all - the risk of losing financial liquidity it's big here.
  5. Too many pages? The owner of GPTplanet and Scarlet-Clicks created the next, the third one profit site named OptimalBux.com. It may mean that the profits from these older pages are slowly depleting and the owner is looking for a new site by opening a new page additional funds - for maintaining the previous pages. That is why it is worth keeping caution on all "investments" and purchases on its websites. We never know how long these websites will still function and pay money.


The GPTPlanet website is a PTC website that does not stand out much from the others. However, it is a trusted website that has been paying for a very long time. If we already earn on this type of website, we can add it to our collection to increase profits. Of course, if we are beginners and already with try to start earning with these types of sites, it is a great start.