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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Facts and myths about making money online

Facts and myths about making money online

A lot of people is thinking about the myths of making money online. What is interesting or sometimes annoying - such myths are most often repeated by people who do not earn and never earn money in this way. They often write type information that they earn $ 100 online per day without any effort. Some even write things like: earn $ 3,000 a week online! I do not understand why some people believe it.

What others think about making money online?

Making money online for people who have nothing to do with it, unfortunately, are associated mainly with investments, clicking on advertising links, receiving e-mails, financial pyramids, mums with the need to buy a "starter" and simply trying to trick people by cheating promises "Pears on a willow tree". The truth is that earning online does not differ much from making money offline, which I will develop soon. In this post, I will present the most popular myths known to me.

Making money online is about completing surveys

This is not true, it is one of the methods we have to choose. It is one of the easiest sources to earn money online. We do not need any experience or special knowledge to conduct surveys. It's enough that we participate in normal life, we go shopping, watch TV, do sports, etc. The more interesting people we are, the more we can earn. If someone thinks that he has children, a family and only goes to work, he does not travel and is not somehow outstanding and therefore he will not have any available surveys, which will limit his earnings he is wrong. These are people who search for polls, and usually, there are various kinds of research on advertising and other related elements.

 It is true that we will not earn much money for this type of work. However, it is certain that these are good money for the home budget. Within a month, we can earn up to $ 50 with a small amount of time spent. There are people who earn up to three times this amount. It all depends on the time devoted. The internet is full of people writing that they earn $ 300 or $ 500 a month do not trust such people, most likely on a lie they try to enrich. This means that usually, programs of this type offer a referral program, so if you register with a link that the person provides, it will simply benefit.

Making money online is about investing

This myth is definitely not true. Making money on the internet through investing certainly plays a big role, however, there are many ways to go without it. Investing is connected with risk, we can earn a lot but also lose this money. Certainly, it plays a big role in earning money online, if we want to achieve some higher earnings on the internet, e.g. by blogging we can consider this as an investment. It must be remembered, however, that we are not forced to do so, because we can always use a free alternative, i.e. set up a free blog.

This is not a worse solution many times I met with cases that the paid blog was worse than the free one which should not take place. However, this sphere depends on us, whether we want to invest or not, it is certain that it is not necessary.

Revshare programs are not financial pyramids

Promoters of this type of "advertising platforms" or "crowdfunding" are recently very much - which translates into the perception of "earning via the Internet" in outsiders. Smarter recipients of such ads will immediately notice that they are dealing with financial pyramids, less intelligent will lose money in such a pyramid - and they will start to associate "making money online" with fraud until the end without knowing what they were involved in.

Making money online is difficult

Making money online - due to the low entry barriers (virtually no requirements) is much easier to start (than "stationary" activity), but you can not say that it is easy. Just like in traditional business - everything requires work, analyze, adjust and continuously modify depending on the effects. Earning a lot of money can be fast or slow - but it will not be easy. People often exaggerate the other way, repeating the myth of "difficulties", "on the Internet, it is very difficult to earn". This is what I associate with opinions like: "once it could have started, now it's too hard", "too much competition, it's hard to get out - if I could start a few years ago", etc.

The truth is that it's not really hard. There are so many partner programs that everyone will eventually find their target group and their product that can be successfully sold. An individual question is already at what time - and it can not be generalized.

Making money online is a scam

Scammers are everywhere, not only on the Internet. The millionaire reveals a way to 10,000. euro per month "," Discover the secret of millionaires "- these are all advertising slogans with which you can often meet. These types of offers have nothing to do with affiliation, partner programs or sales. The most common are casino ads (gambling) or MLM systems requiring investment. By the way, I am amused to use the word "millionaire" in such ads - as if it was unknown as much - but you can see it works because these ads are more and more.

Any healthy-minded person - when he sees such an advertisement he will consider it a "scam" - and very well, but unfortunately he will also associate it with "earning via the Internet" and next time he hears/sees such a slogan, memory will give him an advertisement with the secret of millionaires or with a 26-year-old man earning 50,000 per month (which "laughs about who he was before" - this is a great slogan for me:>).

This whole secret, which is so often advertised, consists in playing roulette, betting the same options all the time (red or black) and doubling the rate in the event of a loss (then you will never lose money). Such a method obviously has a huge mathematical sense, but if someone decides to use such "camouflaged casino advertising" use - usually everything will lose, because it's all about it (no one verifies if the script works honestly, in addition, it's enough to run out of money and he will not be able to double the rate). Such a person will also think that all internet earning is a scam and will spread myths.

Without referrals, you can not earn a lot

Another myth, this time repeated by people who earn money online, they associate with MLMs. First of all - that someone misunderstood me - I think that multi-level marketing is a great system, but provided that the profit comes from outside and the members of the structure do not have to buy anything (the more "buy-in" or "starter"!). This myth is obviously wrong - by far the most you earn yourself. In partner programs, the referral system is just an addition - on which you can even lose, not gain.

The Internet offers great advertising opportunities, but every industry has its limitations. For example, if you make money on the sale of slimming pills - you want to reach as many people as you can slim down. Do you think there are a lot of places on the internet where such people are and actively give?

There is a limited amount of these places, so you will rather use them to develop their own ads. In a situation where you will be looking for referrals, this "cake will split" and as a result, you can earn less than without them. Referrals are usually an add-on in affiliation, not a foundation - this myth refers rather to MLMs and should not be associated with internet sales at all (affiliation is also sales!).


In the article, I presented six myths about making money online. Of course, there are many myths in this topic. If you have any suggestions for articles of this type, I invite you to the contact and submitting your own reflection myths.