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Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dollarclix Review - Legit GPT Site

Legit gpt site

Dollarclix is a GPT site established in 2015, it is similar to Clixsense, but I think here you have much more earning opportunities The admin is Vincent Dupuy, the same admin of dollarsignups(which was pretty decent paying and reliable website)

dollarclix review

Making money on Dollarclix 

You can earn money in numerous ways: completing tasks, doing surveys, registering on websites, installing applications on mobile, etc. There are some offers which are Geo-targeted for specific countries, but the overall member from any country can earn a decent amount of money. The first day on the website I have earned $3 and got my money 12 hours of withdrawal, on my BTC. The tasks are of 2 types: 1st is Dollarclix offers, tasks which are promoted by website alone, here you can find such easy tasks where you get 0.1$ just for retweeting something or subscribing to someone on social media.

Apart from that, there are numerous offerwalls, each unique in its design and task types, you can find tasks of any price here, from 0.05$ to 20$, The tasks can pay you in money $, or in points. You can convert points to $ in points converter: 100 points = 1 $ Also, attention to Minutestaff offerwall, here you can just earn by visiting websites and it has unlimited ads basically, unlike on any other PTC site. Some offers will credit immediately after completion but some of them require time for verification of details, so be patient if your offer still not credited, it will 100% will happen if you did everything alright Also there is an outstanding referral commission 1st level 20% (you earn 20% of everything your referrals earn) 2nd level 10%

Monthly contest are appearing from time to time where you can earn huge prizes (I earned 50$ once)

Best Way to earn 

Best way to earn here I consider by doing high paying offers and surveys. When you master specific kind of offers very well, you can complete them numerous times, and that basically means another 4-$5 for 30 minutes work on the website. There are members who even earn about 300-$500 a month just from completing tasks.

Payout methods 

There are 2 payout methods:
  • Instant Paypal, you can withdraw money by Paypal, $1 minimum,
  • Bitcoin, minimum amount $40 (it is understandable because of the high volatility of its price), money come usually within 24 hours after request.
It is notable how admin cares about all countries, that he added the BTC method, cause PayPal is not available in many countries and it is a single Payment method for many of GPTs.


Overall, this is an outstanding website in all aspects, the admin is a kind man who is caring for all members, and interested in the growth and reputation of his project. I would recommend this site to anyone who wants a stable income online.