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Monday, September 24, 2018

Best money making apps in 2018

Best money making apps in 2018

Did you know that it is possible to make money on the Internet even without using a computer? It is possible to make money using your smartphone, you can fill your budget and have extra money for special purposes, save for a rainy day and cover your bills. Familiarize yourself with these 10 different methods to make money online using your smartphone and go on the road to financial freedom, which will only be possible when you start earning money from many sources and accumulating them on an inviolable bank account.


Viggle is a good money making an app which pays you for watching TV and listening to music. When you have downloaded their app on your smartphone, tap it when you start watching or playing the song. The app pays you for every minute of watching and listening and gives you extra points for watching ads, completing surveys and answering trivia questions. Points can be exchanged for gift cards to Best Buy, Starbucks and other stores and restaurants.

Gig Walk

If you're often busy every day, you can easily make money with Gig Walk. The application available on iPhones and many smartphones with the Android operating system asks you to verify the location of characteristic objects, road signs, communication objects, roads, and other things. The application is one of the easiest ways to make money on your smartphone.


Do you want to get back to a good shape and earn at the same time? You can do both things with Pactapp. Thanks to this unique application, you register and make an "arrangement" with yourself that you will regularly exercise. When you exercise, you tell the application what exercises you have done and how long you have been practicing during a given workout. Then you will receive a small financial fee for the good performance of the arrangement. If you do not meet the set tasks in the training, you will be charged a small fine. The money goes out to those users who practice conscientiously, duly and according to the assumptions. When you earn a minimum of $ 5, you can withdraw funds on your PayPal account.


If you use your phone many times per day this is the best app to earn money for you! The app gives paid advertising on the lock screen. When you turn on the phone, you move the slider one way and see the advertisement and the other way to unlock the phone. The algorithm tracks how many ads you display during the day and rewards you with small amounts of money based on the number of ad impressions. You must have at least $ 10 to withdraw funds earned on PayPal in this way. If you unlock your phone many times a day, the amount of money you earn each day can accumulate quickly.

Receipt Hog 

Companies need to do market research to grow and sell their products in a more effective way. One of the ways that companies get information about their potential clients is to study their shopping habits. Receipt Hog is an application for smartphones with iOS and Android, which collects information on spending habits by analyzing information found on bills and receipts. Up to 20 times a month you can send a photo of your receipt for the shopping you have done. It can be a bill from a gas station, grocery store, department store, a small shop with basic articles or restaurants. When you load the bill, the app rewards you with virtual coins. When you get 1000 coins, you can exchange them for real $ 5 and transfer these funds to your PayPal.

Field Agent 

Big brands need information on how their products are displayed in stores and conclude agreements with Field Agent to get this information from people like you. Target Tyson and many other great brands are currently using this application. After downloading the application to your smartphone, you can quickly complete very simple tasks when you visit the stores. You will be asked to carefully check the exhibitions, provide information and take photos. You will receive from $ 3 to $ 12 for completing the task and you can withdraw funds from your Field Agent account directly to your PayPal account.


PoshMark allows you to exchange for money clothes that no longer fit you or which you never wore. Download the app and take pictures of the clothes you want to sell. Make a brief description and add your clothes to the PoshMark online store. When someone buys a product, you get 80% of the price shown in the store and send the product to the buyer.

Shop Kick 

Shop Kick pays you for going to some stores. The app works with retailers like Walmart, Old Navy and restaurant chains across the country and pays you for visiting specific places. You are given points that you can turn into money and earn extra points for scanning barcodes through your phone and acquiring friends to register at Shop Kick. Points exchanged for real money can be paid to your credit card so you will be reduced by a monthly bill or sent straight to your PayPal account.

Easy Shift 

Companies use Easy Shift to find out how their products sell to retail outlets throughout the United States and use this information to determine if they should or will not move their products to other locations or leave them where they are currently. If you have downloaded Easy Shift to your smartphone, you can start earning money by going to specific stores in your area and searching for specific products. Then you use your phone to scan barcodes and give the price at which the product is sold. You can earn between $ 2 to $ 20 for each completed job and the money will be sent directly to your PayPal account.

My Likes 

If you often use social media on your phone, My Likes is a good application for you to earn money. It allows you to participate in many advertising campaigns and rewards you with money for likes and sharing promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. Thanks to My Likes, people with large fans' bases earn very big money.

In my opinion, this is the best money making apps in 2018.