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Saturday, September 15, 2018

BeerMoneyForum Review- Get paid to write posts

BeerMoneyForum - Get paid to write posts

Beermoney is a forum about making money online, which pays us for taking part in conversations that are being turned over. The site has been around for a good few years, has many active users and pays out the money earned by them regularly.

beermoneyforum registration

Making Money on BeerMoneyForum

On BeerMoneyForum, we have several methods to make money:
  • We Earn 1000 BMF per referral - it is not so easy to receive the reward for the referrals; they need to write at least 100 messages, which is difficult to achieve. The forum rewards only for active people we recommend.
  • Earn 50 BMF per new thread - All we have to do is create a topic, and they add the reward to our account, but we remember that the topic was not short. If he does not have enough characters, we will not get any points for it.
  • Earn 20 BMF per new reply  - for each answer we write, as with topics, there must be a long enough.
  • Premium resources -  this is a forum section where we can add our guides or any useful programs that will be visible to others upon payment of a fee. This means that we set an amount of BMF, for which a user will unlock the hidden content. However, before we add your topic to this section, we will first have to pay for adding it to the department - 100 BMF.
  • Earn 500 BMF for reporting unsolicited private messages.
  • If someone likes our message or thread, we will get 5 BMF for each like.
  • We can also earn money on tasks users adds that. These are usually things like registration on a website or other such things.
  • There is also a lottery with many BMF to be won, however, they are not free and to take part in them we must first buy a lot which costs 10 BMF, there is no limit of tickets. We can buy as much as we want, more what is the greater chance of winning.
We also remember that there is a limit on the messages and topics we create. Within an hour, so for an hour we can maximally earn up to 200 BMF.

10 BMF = 0.01$
1000 BMF = $1

The best method to earn

The best way to earn money here is to create new topics. Every day, websites appear on the Internet regarding earning money online. We must find them first if we succeed and find a good source, we have to check the page first. We do not have to register enough to find out some basic information, what type of money we earn on the site we have found, what is the minimum to pay, etc.

 Remember to always check if someone has already added a similar topic. To do this, always use the tool which is to search the section for the phrase.

The second way can add paid guides or tools, we set the price for access. It is a time-consuming task, but if we add something interesting, it should bring us fruit in the form of quickly gained BMF.

How to withdraw

To withdraw the earned money, we must have at least 1000 BMF collected, that is $1. If we have such several points, we can withdraw money. All we have to do is to press on our current BMF status and send a donation to the admin of the forum with information on which payment processor we want to withdraw money.

Payout once per month, via:
  • PayPal - $1 minimum 
  • Payeer - $1 minimum 
  • Perfect Money - $1 minimum 
  • Bitcoin - $10 minimum 
  • ETHEREUM - $10 minimum 
  • Skrill - $10 minimum


The site is a great alternative to earning money. We find here a lot of information about making money online, and we can earn. Earnings are not big but, as the name says, it's more like money to buy a beer. If you are a beginner in earning, Treat this site as your teacher in earning money online, and the money you will earn here will be on your future investments.