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Sunday, September 02, 2018

BCVC Review - Is SCAM Or Legit?

BCVC is a link shortener that has been in the market for many years. It is taken by many people as an alternative to sites such as adf.ly or shorte.st. However, it does not enjoy as much popularity as the above pages for several reasons that I will write about today.

bcvc register button

How it works

The site redirects users in the same way as other popular link shortcuts. This means that the person who clicks on our link must wait a few seconds and click on the SKIP AD button in the upper right corner of the window. Then it is redirected to the original link, which we have shortened earlier.

There is no question for a robot that appears more and more often in many links shortcuts. And what further reduces the conversion. If we compare the rates that occur for 1000 views, or rather the clicks on the SKIP AD button, they are much better than in the other shortcuts such as adf.ly or shorte.st.

I wrote clicks so well, here we have the opportunity to see in the statistics the exact number of people who visited our link and what part of them went to the target link.


I made a short test - what the conversion on this page looks like and unfortunately I was disappointed. First, I clicked my own link myself, unfortunately, only the impression passed me, and clicks do not. In short, I did not receive anything for this visit. I started to wonder, maybe it's because I have an account there, so I went to more practical tests. I started to share my link and I'm disappointed with the results. I received only 20 visits approved where there was 35 real visits to my url. In addition, I asked some people from the forum where I participate in the discussion for a few clicks. I should include at least 30 clicks - that's how many people visited my link from the source I wrote about earlier.

In this case, the page was fatal. I could not, however, have to hand down the page because I was poorly qualified, so I asked other people who are earning money on this site. The answers were ambiguous, however, most people experienced the same problems as me, that is, a lot of impressions and a small click-through rate. This indicates that the site is cheating its own users. What about the fact that we have higher rates here, as with unpaid clicks, this page is much worse than the others.

Other problems

This is not the end of bc.vc problems. For some time, the site has a problem with its paypal account, the majority, as not all people have used this method of withdrawing funds. Of course, there was a payout option via the payooner wallet instead.

 Let's get to the most important question now. Does the site pay?

 In this topic, sentences are also divided, but this is not the case for other sites of this type. Some say they pay, but a large number of people say they do not. After asking a few people who collected the required minimum, ie $ 10 and went on to withdraw funds, I got bad information. Most of them did not receive their money, some even collected a few months to collect for payment. But what is the funniest thing in all of this, the payout from bc.vc was given to a person who made his move artificially, some bot or other method. Unfortunately, I could not get the exact information. Rather, someone who has such an opportunity will not share such information with anyone.

The same person that I mentioned, however, at the second payment was no longer so lucky and all the fun for her ended with a ban on this site.


I definitely do not recommend this page to anyone, however if you want to check it out for yourself, it's a free path for you. As I wrote earlier, many people have problems with this site. Among other things, poor billing of entries, and additionally problems with payouts. You can add a weak contact to this