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Friday, August 03, 2018

PaidViewPoint - start earning money on polls

Today I wanted to present you next website with paid surveys.


How to earn on this site?

In this service, we earn similarly to other such websites. For each completed survey, we receive a salary, depending on the time we have to devote. The reward we receive also increases if you are looking for people with a specific specification. It means that, e.g. they are looking for people who bought a given product.

How it works?

Paidviewpoint differs from other websites in that it does not provide us with highly paid surveys at the beginning. At the beginning, for a minimum of one week, we get low-paid surveys for 0.03 $, profiling our account and checking if we are providing real information when completing them. Each completed survey increases our traitscore, if we devote 3 minutes a day to increase it, we will get access to paid surveys, about 1 $ from the survey, then even more. In some countries rates are even higher.

How to withdraw earned money?

Earned money can be easily paid to your paypal account. To do this, we need to reach the state of $ 15 in the paidviewpoint account.

How to register?

Click on the link below, you will be redirected to the website. When you find yourself on the site, there is a registration button in the center. Click on it and fill in the form fields. We get less than $ 1 to start for registration.