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Saturday, August 18, 2018

Payza Review - replacement for paypal

Payza is one of the most popular online payment systems. It belongs to the so-called internet portfolios. It is an international brand that serves individual and business clients. Very useful for people who shop online, and / or earn thanks to it. The vast majority of programs offering online earning have Payze in their payment options. This is particularly true for recently breaking records of popularity - rev share programs.

What is the Payza service?

Payza is nothing more than a fully virtual bank account, whose primary purpose is to facilitate all payments on the network, including international ones, as well as, of course, receive money and later transfer them to accounts held in the bank. The system is very intuitive, advertising itself as user-friendly, easy to use, and at the same time extremely safe. An interesting fact is that Payza, in addition to operating in over 190 countries around the world and currently operating on the 25 most popular currencies, also supports bitcoin payments. It is mainly the introduction of cryptocurrency payments that makes this system extremely attractive, which, of course, translates into its constantly growing popularity.

What fees and commissions do Payza users encounter?

Another important advantage of the Payza system is the very low cost of running an account. First of all, the website advertises itself as completely free from the point of view of the account itself. Registration is therefore free, it is also free to run a virtual account, and the portal does not charge a commission on the funds transfer. Commissions are primarily charged when you withdraw money to your bank account, as well as currency conversion for payments in different currencies. The advantage of the system, however, is that regardless of the type of account you have, there is a special affiliate program that allows you to earn real money.

A very simple account registration and verification process

The registration and verification process of the user in Payza is really extremely simple. After clicking the "Sign Up" button, we are transferred to a short form, in which we give our name and surname, e-mail address and the password created by you. After accepting the entered data, the system will send a verification message to the email address provided during registration. All you have to do is go to the link on the link and the entire verification process is completed.

From now on, you can log in to your new account, make changes and use all the options offered. It is worth mentioning on the occasion that Payza also has the option of setting up business accounts. This can be a very good solution for people involved in broadly understood trade, who want to save on the costs of performing many financial transactions.

How to deposit money into Payza?

Payza accounts are very often used by users to receive payments from various marketing systems that allow you to earn money online. Naturally, however, the account can also be used for ordinary online payments, as more and more stores in the world implement this system as an option to finalize transactions. Here, it will be necessary to pay money to Payza's account, which turns out not to be a difficult task.

The portal offers its users several options to perform this operation. In addition to a typical international transfer, we can also make a deposit from a local bank, from a credit card or using the aforementioned cryptocurrency, which in this case must be Bitcoin.

How does Payza fall in the opinions of customers?

Many people are probably asking now whether Payza is a reliable and safe portal. Clients first of all value this system for the lack of basic fees, commission for transfers and for great convenience when withdrawing funds from marketing program accounts. However, more and more positive opinions also apply to online payments themselves. This is due to the growing number of stores supporting Payza payments. If someone often buys online on the websites of foreign stores, then choosing this virtual account can actually be a good decision.

 A short summary - is it worth it?

Naturally, the decision to start using the Payza website is already in your hands, but it is a solution worth considering for all those who very often make various payments online. Having an account on this website can significantly simplify the life of people who often transfer money to a family in another country or receive cash withdrawals from various online affiliate programs.