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Saturday, August 25, 2018

OneDayRewards Review - Legit GPT Site

oneday rewards review

Probably most of you do not heard about this site, neither do I, until today. The website already exists for 2 years and since then has been paying out money earned by the users.

onedayrewards registration

About OneDayRewards

The OneDayRewards website works like any other website of this type. We have a lot of surveys to fill in, short tasks and registration. New users may have a problem with navigating the site, I will admit that you need a moment to get used to it, because in terms of graphics the site is poor and it will be difficult to find what some people find on it.

 I always say, the appearance is not the most important, it is important that the website function well. That's how it is on OneDayRewards, we have a lot of offers available, which I mentioned shortly before. Recently, there have been a lot of offers from users. These are mainly registration offers on different sites, this is a great option if you want to earn extra money.

Why is it worth completing offers from users?

I will explain, you will  fill in surveys and complete short tasks, and in addition you will collect the percentage that the user will earn on us. However, it should be checked before, we need to check information about an offer, because if there is a high minimum to withdraw funds, it will not be worth it at all.

Why choose this page?

Recently, the site offers a lot of competitions, that is, we have the opportunity to win additional prizes, where other websites do not give this opportunity. At the moment, the best situation is the users from India because there are not many of them, and the prize is quite large, as of today you can even get 10 $ for the first place, and the users who participate are few. Probably it will change in the near future, because where it pays off there and there are many active users.

 Another good argument to use this GPT is the low minimum to withdraw funds, if we have a wallet for cryptocurrencies, we can already withdraw the amount of 0.1 $ For those who do not have such an option, an internet wallet - paypal is also available. Payments three times a day! We do not have to wait, like other GPTs, for up to a month to receive our funds.

Advantages of the site:

  • quick withdrawals,
  • a lot of competitions with cash prizes,
  • low minimum to withdraw funds,
  • a lot of available offers to do.


  • poor site look,
  • some offers are not charged immediately.


At the moment, onedayrewards is a website that offers high earnings, compared to others.It has been running for 2 years, so there is no fear that it will disappear in a day or two.

If you have any new information about this site, send e-mail to me through contact form, you find it on top, right cornet of this page.As always, I also invite you to subscribe to the blog to find out more about websites that offer online earning opportunities at a faster rate!