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Thursday, August 16, 2018

How to get referrals in 2018?

How to get referrals to affiliate or investment programs? In this post I will try to answer this question based on my own experience. I will immediately say that the Internet is evolving and the methods that worked two or three years ago are not as effective as they were then. Now you have to get a little tired but all the time getting the registered person is the most possible to do.

General Rules:

1. Always write the truth about the presented product. 

 Regardless of what you promote - write the truth. Your potential referrals are not stupid. If he is looking for information about a given product or service, he certainly has at least minimal knowledge about it. Try to present the offer in a true and reliable way. Thanks to this in the future, no one will accuse you of anything and maybe take advantage of the next offers you send him.

2. Do not be intrusive.

The manner of presenting the product offer and the frequency of its display for the recipient is just as important as the first rule. Nobody likes to be flooded a hundred times with the same offer in a few minutes. Most offers have built-in cookies, so there is a chance that the user will subscribe to you anyway in a few days or weeks.

3. In the first place, help your direct referrals

Nothing pains me so much as the lack of help from the recommender. Put yourself in a situation where you do not know much about the product and, for example, English is not your strong point. What would you do in this situation? Well, he asked the introducing person for help. Respond to every message of your referrals. Never get angry and show it in a conversation. Even if it is a trivial question for you. In the case of the same questions you can prepare ready answers or a mini guide.

4. Go to people with an unusual offer.

Bet on originality. Present your offer in a way no one else has done. Offer good refbacks (if the offer allows it), give small gifts or offer, for example, a telephone private contact in case of problems or questions. Many people appreciate this type of help.

A few of methods for acquiring referrals

Acquiring referrals can basically be divided into two groups: free and paid methods. The effectiveness of both is different depending on the product we promote. It is impossible to state clearly which is better. In some cases, paid advertising does not have to bring the expected result. Therefore, it is best to test different methods and choose the ones that work best in your industry.

Social Media

Where can people look for our products? Ideally, where there is a large concentration of people. And this is the place in today's social network. It is on them that every day publish images, tweets and posts. It is such a bottomless well. The most popular sites are:
  • Facebook,
  • Twitter,
  • Instagram,
  • Pinterest,
  • Linkedln,
  • Snapchat.
Why this way? Because the user sees you, who you are, that you exist in reality. It arouses in him more confidence in your person and the offer presented. In case of problems, he knows that he can turn to a real person for help. There are several ways to advertise. The best is to join the thematic group and add your own offer. You can also add comments with a link or set up your own group about a given product. Here only the imagination limits you how you will start the promotion.

Internet Forums

Adding information on forums is also a good and free way to attract referrals. This is particularly the case when an official topic for a given product is created. Then he brings together people who are really interested in him and cause discussion. It is good to also try to help and answer questions asked by readers. The second interesting form is the promotion of a given product in profile stamps. However, you should do it with caution and not 'attack' immediately after creating an account. Let a few days pass, but by that time, speak on the forum and take an active part in it.

Also remember to check the rules of the forum regarding what you can and in what quantity in the signature. Some forums have very strict requirements in this matter. Also, do not forget about promoting the product in the forum profile. There, users also look. If you have a website to recommend, place a link to it there. It will also support the positioning process. Advertise on themed forums. There you have the best chance of success. Of course, there are no obstacles to doing so in other thematic forums, but do not expect that you will have any great benefits.

Your own website or blog

If you think about building a referral grid in the long run, then perhaps the best thing you can do now is set up your website or blog. As we have free methods here, you can use free blog platforms for this. They are characterized by the fact that you do not pay anything for using them. An additional advantage is the fact that the domains on which they are located allow better and faster access to a specific group of recipients. For this purpose you can use platforms such as:
  • Wordpress.com,
  • Blogger.com,
  • Tumblr.com.
In addition, the blog platform on the free version in my opinion helps to position the blog. Therefore, you can at least try to set up something and promote it further.

 Comments on blogs

Another great method is simply commenting on similar blog entries. Just enter the search phrase in the + blog search engine and a list of related websites will appear. Not only blogs can be commented on. Information types such as onet, wp or intersection are also well suited for this purpose. Search for articles from a given industry and discuss the topic and between the lines to upload information about the project or link to your own website / blog.

Create promotional videos

In the era of digitization, one of the most influential medium is video material. Nothing reaches the subconscious of the viewer like presenting a given product or offer in graphic form. And best of all if it's still moving in the movie. Creating such material in inches is neither difficult nor expensive. You can do it with free methods. Check if you have a camera built into your laptop. If not, you definitely have a smartphone with a camera. Depending on what you have, you can quietly record the video. Free software is so much that after entering phrases in Google 'free movie programs' you will find something for yourself. Where to publish these materials? Of course, on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Vevo or Metacafe.

This are the most recognizable places with video materials. Each of them is good and can generate additional traffic. You can create the material in various forms. It can be a presentation with subtitles and music in the background if you do not want to reveal your voice or you do not have a predisposition to it. However, the best method is to show on the screen. Then the viewer knows that you are not only a person from the Internet but a real person. Such a message can to a greater extent engage the viewer in a product.

Use instant messengers

A large number of people still use messengers to contact their friends every day. Many of these messengers allow you to search for people in terms of residence or interests. This makes it easier to reach people who may actually be interested in the product. For people who want to automate this process, I recommend to buy special robots that will search for such persons themselves and send offers. Some tools cost a little, but if you manage them well, you can make a purchase in a very short time. The most used instant messengers in 2016 are:
  • Whats Up,
  • Snapchat,
  •  Tinder,
  •  Skype,
  •  Viber.

Programs you already earn

A good paid advertising is advertising the next program in the current one you are in. Let's assume you are investing in the Revenue Share program. Mostly it boils down to the purchase of so-called advertising packages (a scheme from the well-known Traffic Monsoon). In each package you have the option of advertising any link and product. Thus, a very good method is to add a link to the next Revenue Share program and promote it there.

You have a very big chance that you will find a lot of interested in another program of this type. So you can also advertise the other way. Instead of buying packages and advertising anything, it's better to advertise the next or previous program. Think about this type of operation the next time you enter the next program of this type.


Methods of how to get referrals are quite a lot. And regardless of whether you decide on free or paid methods. In my opinion, it is worth testing both possibilities and calculating what better and pays off. Of course, do not be discouraged after the first failure with the given method. Maybe it's enough to modify it gently (eg change the picture, headline or text) and there will be other effects. Test, test and test again.