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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Greenpanthera - start earning, step by step

Hello all readers, some time ago I added a topic about the greenpanther service. It was rather a cursory article explaining the general concepts about the site. I recently received a message that some people have problems with this service, in terms of service. Today I would like to explain exactly how to navigate the site, from the very beginning along with the registration.

greenpanthera register

Registration on the site

If you do not have an account yet, or had a problem with it, I invite you to register. The link to the page is above.So we're starting. Once you're on the site, in the upper right corner next to the search box, you should locate the "Join now" button. We click on him. You should see this page.

Briefly about each field:
  1. In the name field, it's best to enter your real name right away, if you used your nickname, which you use on different pages, nothing happened. You can improve your name at any time because we use our email to sign in.
  2. In the field of e-mail, of course, we give your postal address. I recommend that you provide an e-mail address that does not receive too much messages. Why? Because it will be easier for us to find information that will be sent to us by the greenpanther survey page. It is about 3 mails a day. It can be said that unlike other websites, they are spamming the mailbox a bit. Well, but it is also good, because greenpanthera is one of a few of the sites where there are so many surveys every day.
  3. The rest does not need to be explained, we give the password, enter the code that we are not a bot and confirm our e-mail address. If we have done all this, we log into our profile on the website.

How to start earning with greenpanthera?

If we have already logged in to the website, we come to our panel, for this purpose we are looking for a link under the name personal account. It is located just below the icon, which shows our current account balance - how much we have already earned. Then go to "Personal Data". We must now complete our profile, it is not mandatory, but it is worth doing, because just for supplementing information about ourselves, we get $ 5 for free. Maybe not so free, because in the end we had to do something. The money for completing the profile is added to the account automatically.

 We have already earned $ 5 quite well, since we have not done anything too much. Well, it's time to move on. Maybe I will let you down a little, that now it will be a bit slower, but what to do. Nothing promised us coconuts. From now on we have two possibilities to earn money from surveys:

  1. We can go to the "Earn Money" tab and start earning money from the website's partners. We receive from 0.60 to 1 $ for a single survey. At least I have such rates, it is possible that the country in which you are located has better paid surveys. And here one very important thing, the money for a successful survey is added to the account within 1-2 weeks, I know it is a long time, but in truth it is such a job. Not for short but for a long period.
  2. And the second way, that is, we wait. For what? For information about surveys that we will receive via e-mail. We simply enter the link, which has been sent to us and we check the questionnaires, whether we qualify and so on. The rates are different. If we can finish the survey, money will be added to our account after 1-2 weeks.


That would be all this topic, after collecting $ 30, we can withdraw money to our paypal account. There is one more option that I have not mentioned, we can still make money on purchases. So the return of some of the purchase costs, but I left this topic for another occasion, because there are sites with a better offer in this area...