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Monday, August 27, 2018

ForumCoin Review - Legit GPT site

forumcoin screen of site

ForumCoin is an unusual website for making money online. At the moment, the site has almost 5,000 users and enjoys a good reputation among registered members. I have been a proud member of this site for some time and I am very happy about it.
Forumcoin review

What is Forumcoin?

As the name of the site says, this is an online forum. However, not so average because, as one of the few, it rewards its users for being active. It means that we simply speak on various topics.

 We have here available section such as:
  • Off Topic - we can write about what we want, about everyday life, etc.
  • CGT - this is a section where we can talk about topics related to computers, various new inventions, etc.
  • Webmaster Questions - talks on topics related to websites, if you have your own website, you will be able to ask many questions about its further promotion and development,
  • Business, Money & Wealth - here are all kinds of topics about making money online, if you're reading this blog it's probably a great alternative for you. You will be able to expand your knowledge on the subject, and additionally you will earn some money.
  • Articles & Tutorials- this section is no longer used for free expression. Here we can write a guide, the topic is not predetermined. You can write anything you want. Of course, the topic must be quite long and contain some interesting information.

Making Money on Forumcoin

I will not cheat anyone promising high earnings. You will not achieve them here. It is possible to earn about 2-3 dollars in a month. However, I would not think about this site as a place to earn money. It is rather a place where we can broaden our horizons.

 How do we earn here?

We simply write various types of posts, set up our own topics, write articles or recommend the forum to friends.
  •  For writing one post, we receive from 1 to 1.5 forumcoins, depends on the section in which we write
  • for creating  your own topics, rate the same as for posts,
  • for writing one article we get 50 forumcoins, if the requirements are met, this number can increase to 150.
  • for each person we refer to the forum, we can receive 25 forumcoins if this person writes a minimum of 20 posts.
Earned points can be paid to the online wallet - paypal, if we have collected 500 forumcoins, which are equivalent to $ 5. From time to time, the forum has various temporary promotions and also gives the opportunity to exchange this amount for various services or prizes.


Forumcoin is a good alternative for people who like to write, express themselves or even help others. It does not offer large earnings, but it gives us the opportunity to expand our information on topics related to making money online.