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Friday, August 10, 2018

Extra pocket money by completing short tasks

Hello to all readers, today I would like to present you a page that offers you earning by doing short tasks. The site does not offer high earnings, but has always known how to earn a few pennies.

keeprewarding register

About Keeprewarding

The site has been operating for 6 years and since then has been paying out money to its users. If you have already had the opportunity to participate in programs such as clixsens or neobux, this site works on similar terms, with the difference that it has more offers available. Among other things, we have the opportunity to earn by watching movies, articles, paid surveys, paid registrations and many more in the rest of this article I will write a detailed description of the given forms of income.

How to start earning?

To join the program, all you need is a quick registration, just enter your login, password and e-mail confirmation. Additional information about ourselves is not required, because anyway, if we want to proceed to the surveys on this page, we will be asked to provide additional information. If you want to join the program now and see how this website works, I invite you to use the link placed above. 

Since we have already arrived here, let us briefly describe various forms of earning. To start earning, we have a lot of options to choose from, firstly - paid surveys and services that make them available:
  • SurveyWall,
  • Live Survey,
  • Pollfish,
  • SaySo Rewards,
  • Tapresearch,
  • TheoremReach.
And many more, they will not list all of them here because the situation may change and new services that make available surveys may appear or be removed. Recently, just keeprewarding has included the option of completing surveys through theoremreach, this is one of the few options that pays us for not being qualified for a given survey. We can earn up to $ 15 a day on the surveys themselves.

Another form of earning is watching movies is really easy because we do not have to watch these films. All we need to do is open the movie player script and leave it in the open tab. During this time, we can make other offers to increase profits. We get about 1 cent for about 6 movies. It may not be too much, but as I mentioned earlier, we can do something else. That is full auto earnings. The only minus is that the offer is not available in all countries.

 The site also gives us the opportunity to earn by clicking on ads, it is rather unprofitable, but if you want to someone, you also have the option. Until recently, there was an option to earn as much as 1 cents for 5 seconds of watching an ad. Unfortunately, at the present time, there are no such high rates. Although you know nothing, the situation can change at any time. So check this section too!

Other earning options

If you thought that all we could do on this site was a bad mistake. There are also programs like trailpay, persona.ly, adgate or radium one. Will you ask what? And that these programs offer us to earn on the installation of an application on the android or perform registration or paid quizzes. Briefly on the subject of each method:
  • Installing apps on android, we can earn up to $ 5 for installation. Unfortunately, more, you can earn it and also time to sacrifice. However, it is a very easy form of earning because when you earn you may find that something gives us a laugh. So we earn and we have fun with it. If a website offers, say, $ 4, it means that it can take about 3 days to say 1-2 hours per day.
  • Registering in games, to earn about 50 cents per offer, are sometimes very easy, because they offer registration in played and a certain level. This can be terribly easy, because we have access to the bot in the game, which will itself aim at a certain level, and we just need to click in a given place every 2-5 minutes to go further with the plot.
  • And the last form that we distinguish in this article, ie paid quizzes. Paid even 40-50 for a quiz. You ask, but how is it? There is a snag in this, because to get such a reward for completing the quiz we must have 100% good answers. But this is the method, even on this blog, if you look well, you will find answers to these quizzes. So, as if you were making a copy and paste method.


If you have registered on the site, you know that I have not metioned all forms of earning. I did it because I do not use it myself or do not have that possibility, or I just decided that it does not matter.