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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to earn money on fanpage?

On the Internet you can make money in many ways - including on your fanpage on Facebook. How to earn a fanpage? There are at least a few ways to do it.

Earning money on fanpage

First we can start by sale advertising links. For less than USD 5, you can find offers to insert your link to a popular fanpage, for example, gathering over 70,000 fans. Little? Well, our only job is to link something on his fanpage, so he will not get too much. Unfortunately, the prices of these ads are currently much lower than about 2 years ago, but if you have a really big fanpage, which is not a shame to loot you with advertising links - you can use it in this way.

Next way is product recommendation from partner programs. A large themed fanpage can also be used for recommending products that are worth buying, but instead of simply linking to a store - use affiliate programs. For example, on a fanpage related to reading books, you can recommend cool books or promotions, and if any of the fans buy a book using your link - you will receive a commission on your purchase.

The third method is using the fanpage as an advertising space in cooperation with companies / advertisers. You do not always have to sell links on auctions, you can try to interest your company's fanpage with your industry. For example, if you have a fanpage with a large community of "I love chocolate" (I do not know if it is, but I shoot it), you can contact chocolate-producing companies, chocolate telegrams that offer chocolate fountain rentals for a wedding, etc. Offer them advertising in the form promotion of their products on your fanpage. Of course, you must add that earning in this way on the fanpage is not entirely consistent with the Facebook rules, but it's hard to prove to someone that recommending, for example, a particular brand of chocolate does it for money, and not because he likes this particular chocolate.

What to do to make money on fanpage?

First of all, you need to have a very popular fanpage, which is the best one that has liked several hundred thousand people. Today it will be difficult to set one up from scratch, because Facebook users are already more attentive and do not click "Like" at anything. But there are still such actions and ideas that in a short time accumulate a large community (for example, recently there was a fanpage with the number 1000 in the name: 1000 gift ideas that you will not fall into). It's good to focus the community around something if you want to sell ads. The mentioned fanpage with 1000 ideas works great (as you can see from their posts) to promote the shop with ideas for gifts. Entertainment fanpage, not focused on any subject  have a chance to gather a larger community and earn on advertising links sold on site where we can offer such things.

Where such method like fanpage works too?

Facebook is not the only place where you can make money in this way. Earning on displaying links to websites, recommending products or brands can be imagined also in other social media - on Google +, Instagram, Pinterest. Like on Facebook, the key here is to gather a large community. And although I can not imagine that the ads on the fanpage on Facebook could be maintained, you can certainly earn extra money on them for salaries or other earnings from the Internet.