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Wednesday, August 08, 2018

7 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube

In today's post you will learn what it looks like to earn on YouTube, what are the rates for ad impressions, and how many views we can start earning. In addition, it will show you 7 ways thanks to which you will be able to monetize traffic from your channel.

Earning facts and myths on Youtube

At the very beginning, I would like to quote some important facts that will help us earn you on youtube. The YouTube platform for most people is a website where we can find various interesting videos. However, few people realize that youtub is the second largest search engine on the internet right after your uncle Google.

 What's more, the Youtube service belongs to google. That's why video from the youtube site appears quite often in search results, and positioning videos from this site is much easier than positioning material from other platforms. Another curiosity related to this service is the fact that Youtube monthly visits nearly 19 million people from around the world, and 300 hours of videos per hour are added to youtube. In such a huge assessment of materials, we have to stand out from the competition. Among other things, the quality of our video, as well as the appropriate positioning of our film.

Ads displayed during our video

In the first place we found earning on advertisements displayed while watching our materials by other people. This is the most popular and at the same time the most passive way to earn money on youtube. All you need to do is to enable monetization in our admin panel and that's all. It is worth mentioning one thing here. For the channel to start earning, it must meet 2 conditions First of all, our materials must be viewed by at least 4,000 hours in the last 12 months Secondly, the channel must have a minimum of one thousand subscriptions. Therefore, the smallest channels must either get away with the taste or grow to the appropriate ceiling.

 As for the rates we can count on, depending on the type of ads as well as their display intensity, the rates range, for 1000 views, earnings per movie can vary between $ 3-5 The earnings on YouTube depend not only on the popularity, but also on the type of advertising we choose to place on our channel. The more visible and aggressive the better, the better paid, but it will certainly annoy the audience a bit.

 Google provides us with various forms of advertising, including: Pre-roll - short advertising spots lasting a maximum of several seconds. They are displayed before starting the video material on the player and the recipient can not be stopped. There are also those that can be turned off after a few seconds. Visual ads - most often placed in the upper right corner of the screen. Ads placed on the bottom video bar. Ads appearing during the video - due to the fact that they break the continuity of the message, are not very popular. As you can see, there are a lot of advertising forms and we can choose the ones that suit us the most. But do not forget about one. Nobody likes ads, which is why it is not worth overdoing them, as this may translate into a significant drop in the viewership of our channel.


The second way to earn money on the youtube platform is crowdfunding. It is a voluntary collection of funds that the viewers of a given channel donate to the founder in thanksgiving for the effort put in adding materials and running the channel. This is the perfect way to earn money on youtube for all niche channels that do not get the right results to turn on your ads in your videos or simply do not want to. To start earning in this way, simply register on the patreon.com portal and let your viewers know that they can support us. That's all. This method is very simple, and if our materials provide the right dose of knowledge or entertainment, we can certainly count on the support of our viewers.

Sales of own products

The third way to earn money on youtube is to sell your own products. If we are experts in a given field, we can share our knowledge with others and make money on it. We can create a course, write an e-book, or make paid online consultations. There are many possibilities and everything depends on what we feel best in. If we do not have the substantive knowledge, because our channel is, for example, entertainment, then we can sell clothes or other gadgets related to the channel. Of course, this model of making money on the Internet will be the more effective the more people will know our materials.

Recommendations for other products

The fourth way to earn money on youtube is to recommend other products. This way of earning differs from the previous one in that we advertise products other than ours. It is all the more convenient because we do not have to waste time creating our own products, but we can choose from a huge number of partner programs that offer us the opportunity to earn a certain percentage of the sale of each product that will be purchased from our command. In other words.

 Each time someone from our order decides to buy a product or service, money will fall into our pocket. What can we advertise? Depending on the subject of our channel, we can advertise different types of products related to what we do. For example. If we run a channel dedicated to fairy tales for children, then we can advertise all kinds of toys, coloring books, or everything that our viewers are interested in. It is important to realize who is watching our materials because it is the key to better monetize of traffic. The worst thing is to choose ads badly. Imagine the situation that the aforementioned fairy tale channel for children advertises hunting equipment. It's not enough that advertising will have no result, we will lose viewers.

Product Reviews

The fifth way to earn money on youtube are product reviews. They differ from the previous way in that our video is fully dedicated to a particular thing, or a service that we test and give a specific opinion about. If the product is good, we recommend it by including our affiliate link. In the event that the review of the product went wrong, we can always recommend another one, which is also better by including affiliate links, thanks to which we will earn money.

 It is important that the reviews of our products are structured to solve a specific problem. For example. If we were to review the painkiller, we could describe that it is effective, that it helps quickly, that it is safe. Nevertheless, such a review would not reach our viewers' beliefs. It is different if we created a review of the same painkiller and described that it is an excellent remedy for toothache. This material construction shows that the product or service solves a specific problem in this case relieves pain. Such video construction will cause more people to click on our films, which will translate into more profit.

Product placement

Another way to earn money on youtube is to locate products in our videos. If our channel is large enough, a situation may arise that certain companies may come to us with a cooperation proposal, which will consist in the fact that in exchange for often substantial remuneration, we will use our company's products in a video. Most often, product placement can be seen on channels associated with cooking, or any type of mechanical work.


The last way to earn money on YouTube is to find a sponsor. Channels that already have a well-established position in the market can enter into cooperation with sponsors, who in return for advertising on the channel will pay us a fee, often sowite. How to get a sponsor? There are several ways. The best situation is when the sponsor submits himself to us with the cooperation offer. The situation is then simple. If nobody comes to us, we can take the initiative ourselves and look for sponsors. Try to contact companies that are related to your industry and ask if they are interested in cooperation. In addition, you can post information in your video about the fact that you are looking for a sponsor. It may turn out that your material is being viewed by the person who will pay for the advertisement on your channel.

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