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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

AdFly review - shorten links and earn money

Shortening links and earning money on them is not as popular as it used to be, but still many people earn on it. They may not be huge amounts, but it always allows you to earn a few pennies. Today I will write briefly about the AdFly shortcut and I will tell you how to use it.


How to make money with adfly?

The easiest way to talk, if you share a link somewhere, you can always shorten it first via this page and then make it available. Anyone who visits your link will have to wait 5 seconds and then click on the SKIP AD button. In the meantime, the person will have to watch an ad.

Unfortunately, if you think it's enough to insert a link anywhere, then you're wrong. You must remember that such references simply discourage them from visiting. It is a good thing to encourage a visitor in some way so that she would like to see the site that the reference contains.

A few ways - how to earn?

  1. If you run a YouTube channel or add videos anywhere - Dailymotion and other services. You can always add a link to some pages under the video. In a good situation, there are people who add videos with some modifications to games or in simple words cheats. So we simply offer something interesting in such a way and for sure the person watching our movie will want to visit our link. I'm sure that the use of AdFly will not discourage anyone from visiting. Surely there will be comments about how annoying it is, but so what.
  2. Another method is to add a link in social media and share interesting offers with others. Now, this method is not so popular anymore, because social media do not allow to add such links or make them difficult, but you will think of something.
  3. The third method is community forums or your own site. Just add something interesting to what the link leads. In some countries, it is very popular to add answers to some quizzes or other such things in such links. In the link, we add a page where we've put answers, e.g. Pastebin. I recommend adding answers to quizzes with prizes, eg from facebook or other such websites. There should be many interested people.
Unfortunately, I will not give you the perfect way on the plate, because it simply, such method don't exist, there are many ways to make a profit using this method, I know a few more but they are a little controversial and I would not like to publish them here. You can search the forums about earning these methods. But I think that creativity is enough. In addition, many people will probably already use these methods, which will not be as effective anymore.

Why shortening via the adfly website?

AdFly is the longest operating link shortener on the market. It does not have the best rates, but it always pays out the money earned. You heard so well, some websites just spin on this topic. This means that they do not count all clicks, they ban for poor quality traffic or use other methods. With AdFly we are sure that what we earn will surely go to our account. The shortener has certain rates for 1000 visits of our link, to check it you should go to the payout rates tab on their website.