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Sunday, July 29, 2018

Getpaidto - easy tasks for money

New GPT site, this site no exist month or two, but not so much like most of sites in this area. The income we receive in this method of earning will probably not be significant. However, because sites offering paid tasks provide a lot of income opportunities, we earn much faster payouts than if you click on paid ads or pay paid surveys.


How to earn on this site?

There is money opportunities to start earning, there is need to have any experience. All we need to begjn earning is our time. After we register we can start by watching videos and get paid for it. We may complete mini tasks, jobs -register and sign up. Also we can play a games. You think they are probably boring? Nope, there are actually fun, so if you don't know what to do you may just try few games and get paid for it.. This not all, you can also complete surveys with good rates.

How it works?

Every 500 points is amout of 1$. For playing games we get reward instant after finishing one. For most of surveys, we need to wait approximately  about 5-10 minutes to receive our reward. Of course if one of them was completed successfully.

How to withdraw earned money? 

To withdraw our money we need to collect 500 points - 1$. If should be very fast, something like 30 minutes or faster. By playing only games it may take some more time.

How to register?

You need to complete standard registrator - username, password and confirm e-mail. To receive surveys you should after register complete your profile and and withdraw method.