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Saturday, July 28, 2018

Earning money by shortening urls

Shortening links is often used to change a long address in a shorter and more user-friendly way. By shortening the link using an external website, we also have access to various types of statistics that may be helpful when posting such links to external sites. You can also earn on shortening. Making money on shortening links is not as difficult as it seems at first. It’s the perfect solution for people who have a good idea to generate a lot of traffic in the network.


How to earn on this site?

It uses primarily shortening the links as the pronounce suggest masking the long link which contain many of the characters in the link. In contrast to standard shortcuts, a short advertisement page will appear in front of the landing page. After clicking on such a shortened link shared on the web, we need to wait usually 5 second and after click SKIP AD button. Then, a redirect to original link location is obtained. In this way, you can shorten any website address. Services that enable this, pay for shortening links through them. They derive income from the ads displayed during transition to the right address, traffic analysis and premium accounts. All you need to do is paste your own link to shorten on the website and approve. Then the new link address is obtained. The more period you share and click, the more earnings will be.

How it works?

There is a lot of so-called shortcuts, or sites offering the possibility of shortening links. The paying price for 1,000 clicks depends primarily on the country from which we get the traffic. Therefore, instead of sharing direct links on the network, you can mask, short them with a fritter and earn money. The arrangement of as many links as possible allows for faster collection of the required number of entries to be paid. Short links can be made available almost everywhere, including on forums, social networks, blogs or in e-mails and other private messages. The content they link to must be attractive to the recipient. They can lead to various websites, photos, blogs, fan pages, etc.

How to withdraw earned money? 

Most of the sites where you can earn by link shortening have availability to withdraw money by PayPal or Payza. Some of them have to bank transfer method, but best way for all countries is transfer your earned money to e-wallet.

How to register? 

There is many sites in the web offer earning on link shortening. Be careful, always read opinion about an site, because there is many sites, which no pay. I recommend only one site - adf.ly. They are paying for many years, this is most trusted site, for me top1 of link shorteners, because they always pay.