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Sunday, December 09, 2018

How to make money online? Just try it!

You can earn money online. The only question is how much. The best manages to earn even a few thousand of dollars a month, without leaving home. Wondering how to make money online? Learn a few ways and evaluate which way is best for you.

All you should approach with a great deal of patience and regularity to earn money online. Nobody will get big money in a few days without putting in a job. It all depends on the commitment and ingenuity of the person surfing the web. Encouraging Internet principals with earnings of several thousand dollars a day must be treated with some precaution. The best, it manages to earn such a sum only in a month. There are many ways to earn money online, but it is worth choosing the ones that can bring the most financial benefits.

Earn money with surfbar

It's the easiest way to earn, because you just need to surf the net. You just need to move the mouse or click on the keyboard, and the money is calculated automatically. However, it is necessary to install a surfbar in the form of a plug-in, usually in the form of a flashing advertising banner on the edge of the monitor image. You do not have to click on links and ads. There are also no restrictions on the amount of surfbars being installed. This means that you can benefit from multiple sources at the same time. However, the pay rates are not very encouraging, you can earn only between USD 10 to 50 per month. Also you need to spend a lot of time to achieve it.

Earning on clicking and watching ads on the Internet

After clicking a banner or an advertising link, usually wait between 10 and 30 seconds after which the balance of the user's account in the system is increased by the appropriate amount.

Another type of system for earning on ads is GPTR - Get Paid to Read.

Earning in this way mainly involves reading paid advertising mails. In addition, GPTR pay for clicking on advertising banners, performing paid tasks or downloading paid files. They pay just a few pennies for clicking on advertisements in the system. We can earn up to USD 30 per month. Of course, you can participate in several programs at the same time, but this requires dedicating up to several hours a day. Occupation definitely for the most persistent!

Completing online surveys

To start earning money on the Internet by sharing opinions, simply register on the website of the relevant survey panel. The number of surveys on websites is not constant, so it is worth signing up for many websites to increase the chances of taking part in the survey. Filling out a single survey can take from 5 to sometimes 50 minutes. The longer and more complex the survey, the better it is usually paid. Prices for filling in 1 questionnaires range from 1 USD up to 15 USD. Sometimes, however, there are those for which companies pay USD 25. Being saved to many sites and devoting about half an hour a day, we can earn from 200 to 250 USD per month. In a year, it gives us USD 3,000, and this amount is enough to buy a bike, scooter or holiday trip.

Clicking on ads on the Internet or filling out surveys will not allow us to maintain, but it is some way to earn extra money. Especially if we spend a lot of time on the Internet. The cost is very low. The price of the laptop is 1000 to 2000 USD, the electricity fee is several dollars a month, and the Internet is for 49.90 USD. We also use the Internet and laptop for other things, so it's hard to talk about any costs here.

If you decide to earn money online by watching commercials or filling out surveys, first of all pay attention to the services that offer such services. First, check if they have regulations, and second read their opinions on the Internet. It is also worth taking a look at the minimum amount of the collected funds due to the fact that frequently earned amounts are low. It may take several months to collect the minimum amount to be paid out. However, if you are dreaming about earning more money on online advertisements, the solution is to set up your own website or blog.

Buy cheaper sell more expensive

This is one of the most attractive forms of earning in the network. Selling over the Internet increases the possibilities of reaching potential recipients of products or services, while it reduces the costs associated with running stores, promotion and advertising. New distribution channels offer global internet portals, such as Allegro and eBay, reaching millions of users. Selling via the Internet is extremely simple, you just need to register on the auction site and put up a given product.

It is best to start a sales career by listing cheap items or applying various promotions. In this way, the credibility and positive comments of customers are gained. Over time, you can increase the value of the transaction and start a real expansion.

Earning on YouTube ads

In this part, we will tell you how you earn on YouTube, what are the rates for advertising and how many views we can start earning online. In addition, the table below shows 7 ways to start monetizing traffic from your channel.

At the very beginning it is worth quoting some important facts that will help us to earn on YouTube. For most people, this is a website where we can find various interesting videos. However, few people realize that YouTube is the second largest search engine on the internet right after Google. An interesting fact about the service is that the YouTube website is visited by almost 19 million people from around the world every month, and 300 hours of videos per hour is added on a daily basis. We have to realize that the bigger the channel, the more money we can earn.

The affiliate programs

The Affiliate Program is about promoting products or services in exchange for a commission on sales. In practice, it works in such a way that on your website or blog you can place advertising banners and links leading to the seller's website. When a visitor to your site clicks on such an advertisement, it will be redirected to the seller's website. When you make a purchase, you will be given a commission on this transaction. There are really many partner programs. There are affiliate programs for bookstores, banks, online stores and even companies like Mercedes.

Some tips on how to make money online

When starting an adventure with e-work, it is worth remembering a few basic rules. First of all, you should be vigilant and not get overwhelmed by high earnings for a small job. There are many bidders who prey on human naivety and ignorance. You should also avoid spammer work, because it does not provide any income, and illegal mailing is punishable by criminal liability. It is, however, worth taking advantage of the offers of proven principals and institutions of universal reach.

You always have to be flexible and try to follow the trends on the Internet, if one of the companies starts an intense advertising campaign on TV, it will probably earn more on its affiliate program on the web.

If anyone is wondering about the profitability of the ways of making money online, I would like to mention that I started from the least profitable and ended up at the most profitable. Of course, this is only my opinion on this topic, but I am sure that people who already earn via the Internet will agree with me most of all.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

The beginnings on YouTube - the first video

the first video

Probably if you are reading this article, then either you are already starting your adventure on YT, or you have such plans, or even subconsciously would like to start recording something.

What movie, what to record? 

You have to start with something. If you do not have an idea, and start a conversation or plans for the issue: I would like to record something on YT, then I can tell you that you will probably not succeed. Looking for the strength of the idea, not knowing what you want to do, your content will probably be not very interesting, not spontaneous and it will be hard for you to do the show. Not only that, instead of taking pleasure, you will simply be tormented.

The first step is the idea for the channel. If you have an idea, for example, you like to make dumplings in 100 ways, catch frogs in a roadside pond etc., and you can not find a channel on a similar subject, or even the same on YT, then I CONGRATULATE! You have a great chance to break out, wipe the trails, create something new and unique. No one will have a comparison to the competition, which also makes things easier at the beginning.

However, if you have a nice idea, and when researching the market, it turns out that there are such channels for bunches - I advise you first to consider whether you will bring something new to YT with your films. If so, then you do not have to worry about the competition because you will be different, unique, and people will want to see you. If what you want to record has already been recorded - you have a bad chance.

Stick to these rules

youtube rules

The first rule - do not rush. 

Sometimes it takes a lot of trial and patience to create even very short material. Remember that the image you record is sharp, no one wants to guess what you want to present and what the effect is. Take care of the lighting and the right composition, and the person who will be in front of the lens will always fall out well. Remember the right atmosphere, especially if it's not you who are in front of the camera, give this person the chance to acclimatize and prepare for the great moment. After pressing the red button, the only thing that counts is how you feel in front of the camera. Direct the right scenery and behavior - patience counts, do not be put off by some drastic incidents.

 Being familiar with a camera is essentially an important issue in order to credibly convey the spoken issues. Lack of naturalness will quickly discourage the recipients. Your viewers must like you, regardless of whether you create a business video, or you want a YouTube channel, they are your fuel. A very important issue - for the sake of editing, look at the camera, one second before and after each sentence, it will result in a more natural overtone and easier editing.

The second rule -  before we put together all the material, it's time for a peaceful collision with reality. 

If you have not yet selected the assembly program, it is time to take this extremely important decision. The program is to be as intuitive as possible for you, do not be impressed by others, try free versions and choose what works best for you, and it will shorten your working time. Review the whole material and think about whether you have included all the merits in it and whether it is engaging enough to attract and leave the viewer with you. No? - Play the material. Yes? -Link to editing.

The third rule - editing is not about cuts, but about creating and giving the rhythm of history. 

Organize the folders, sit back and ... enjoy yourself. Now you are the creator, everything depends on you. After downloading the clips to the computer, make sure to place them in the folder in which they will remain until the project is completely executed. In this way, you will get rid of unnecessary bugs, embarrassment and chaos - especially when someone else is working on the project. Sometimes your photos are too long, then the time comes for brutal cuts. Every time I cut a piece of a clip, I feel like I've lost a part of myself - maybe it's not quite like that, but with the material you think is particularly beautiful or valuable to cut it can be difficult. The real lesson for me was to learn to think like my audience. Your viewer has little time and little patience to watch your video.

Once you have a folded narration, add some extra clips - use them to hide changes between parts of the script. The less violent cuts, the better. Start cutting the material into smaller fragments, add copies from other sections and revive the video a little by adding dynamics through interesting phrases, additional materials, icons or photographs. Do not forget about the background - namely the right sound. Behind every great movie, there's an even better soundtrack that captures the heart and real effects on our emotions.

 Even if you have not managed to take the viewer off with a great speech and content, the music can affect his mood enough to last until the end and finally he will be taken away by your person. To make the movie seem professional and engaging, you have to keep the viewer's attention with high-quality sound. From the timbre of the voice to the background noise and the guiding song, I've learned to pay special attention to how I can edit the sound in my projects. Where to get music for short forms? There are quite a few websites that allow you to use music under a free license (jamendo). You can also share the artist's involvement in his work and purchase licenses on specific terms. After putting on the right music, it's just a render.

Use SEO to break into YT

youtube seo tips

To succeed, it is not enough to have an idea for the yt channel or idea for videos yt. We must take advantage of the opportunities offered by SEO. In the first place, we should take care of keywords. Although it seems obvious, many users completely ignore this basic principle. Just like in a blog post, when you're planning your movie, we need to identify the keywords you want to use. We can use tools such as KeywordTool.io to see the most searched keywords in our niche. We must also remember to select keywords before recording a video, because it will allow us to better plan our content. We can search for keywords on YouTube to see which videos are highly rated and what distinguishes them from others.

Another reason why we must select keywords before recording a video is the ability to include it in the video script. At this stage, we also need to plan the estimated time of our video. According to Syed Balkhi, the best film length is about 8 - 12 minutes. Repeating a keyword repeatedly in an audio script helps you rank in the YouTube search engine. YouTube automatically adds coded subtitles, the algorithm from the technical point of view can read the entire audio script. It probably uses an audio script as a factor in calculating relevancy for a given phrase search. We must be aware that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. If we want our films to be highly rated, we need to optimize the video title and description accordingly. As mentioned earlier, the title must be catchy, but it must also contain the keywords you want to search for. "One of the things we should always do is to put our keywords in the video title, this will help increase our ranking," says Balkhi. "The same applies to the description of our film.

We must treat the description of the film as a summary of the blog post. Balkhi thinks we should add keywords in the first two sentences. However, we must remember that excessive use of keywords in the description may cause our channel to be penalized, as too often placing keywords in the content on the website may result in the imposition of Penguin or Panda punishment. Let's make sure we've added the right tags before inserting the movie.

To find the best, use a tool such as TubeBuddy, which recommends tags. As with the text on the pages, videos with a catchy thumbnail and title often have a higher rank, even if they do not have the best content. The secret is similar to the Google search engine: these videos win the Clichiness Battle (CTR). In other words, Google seems to be calculating CTR as a ranking factor that has recently been the subject of much discussion in the SEO industry.

 "Our experience shows that the best way to get the maximum clickthrough rate, apart from the catchy title, is to take advantage of the eye-catching thumbnail. Some examples of catchy thumbnails that I've seen are thumbnails with large text, underlined or enlarged areas, arrows pointing to something in the picture, and things that are completely unexpected or unusual, "says Balkhi. It's a good idea to use YouTube cards to increase the engagement of our viewers and reduce the abandonment of our channel. YouTube rewards channels with a longer watch time, which makes sense because the longer someone stays on our channel, the longer it will stay on YouTube (and more can earn from an ad from that user).

 In video analytics on YouTube, we'll see the exact moment when users leave our movie. Since the goal is to increase the time spent on the channel, it is recommended to use YouTube tabs to add recommended videos exactly in the place where users leave the site. This allows users to potentially check their other videos and stay on their channel. Commitment on our channel works similarly to domain rating on Google. The more you engage, the more you rank our videos in the evaluation of YouTube. To break out on YT, we should use the playlist URL to extend the time spent on the channel. When the video is finished, YouTube usually shows a list of featured videos that the user can view further. Some of these videos will belong to us and others will belong to different channels. One of the best ways to keep users on our channel is to use well-crafted playlists.

When a user starts watching videos in a playlist, YouTube automatically adds additional videos to the playlist, so that users can stay on our channels for longer. An unknown secret about playlists is that we can call them from anywhere with a special URL. We've probably seen more than once, as YouTubeers add related video cards at the end of each video. Instead of adding a video link, it is recommended to refer the user to the playlist. To do this, just add the & list = ID at the end of the URL. When the user clicks the second link, he or she will be moved to the YouTube video list player, which will automatically play the next video from the playlist on the channel instead of another person's video.

 One of the biggest mistakes people make when they want to get into YT is to disable the "related channels" function. Many Youtubers do not want to enable this feature because they are afraid that other competing channels will be shown. By excluding "related channels", we will also remove our channel from YouTube's recommendation. This means that we will lose the network effect that makes YouTube as powerful as possible.

 Encourage discussion and engage our audience to add comments under our videos. YouTube rewards channels with great commitment. The evaluation of involvement consists of the time of watching individual films and the total time spent on the channel and the number of comments posted under our materials. It is extremely important to contact users in the comments section. Let's try to answer every comment you received. It will not only help us increase engagement, but also help us shape our own community. The more involved a channel user is, the more likely they are to receive a notification about our new videos that we add.

Let's start our first youtube movie

That's all I wanted to share in this article. These are basic tips that I managed to complete in the context of how to get on YouTube. As you can see, there are no secrets to explore, nor any hacks that will allow us to become a star from day to day. Most of these points are largely down to the principles of common sense and the desire to share with the online world something valuable, instead of feeding on the naivety of other users. Accepting this as the basis for your channel, we are sure of a good start and only from our creativity and ambition will depend on whether we will be able to defeat the masses and successfully mark your presence in the world of YouTube.

Monday, October 01, 2018

Picoworkers - legitemate small tasks and micro jobs

legitemate small task and micro job

Picoworkers is a completely new site that gives us the opportunity to earn by doing short tasks or how people in the industry used to say micro job. In today article, I will answer the most important questions regarding the functionality of the website, solvency, and whether it is worth registering and starting to earn money.

What are the short tasks?

We have a lot of offers to do on the site. All are published by the picoworkers website, the site does not add any offers. Taloe's tasks usually consist in registering on a website, usually they are other commercial websites. In conclusion, we will probably have to register on various types of gpt pages, ptc or even various types of link shortcuts.

 Paid registration tasks are usually very easy to register on a given website and click on several ads or do it for a few days. The longer the task, the higher the salary, and the minimum amount that we can get for the action is at the moment 0.07 $.

 Other types of tasks that we can meet are also visiting websites, do not confuse it with watching websites, because here is a lot of different things. What is it about? The client requires us to visit a given website, be it from a direct link that gives or locates a website through a Google search engine, bing or other and visiting his website.

This task does not end because there are usually additional requirements like visiting two different subpages or clicking on some advertisement. The salary for such tasks usually falls within the range of 0.08 $

 The last form of micro work is writing comments on blogs or facebook. Here, earnings are higher because they are within $ 0.13. It does not require a lot of knowledge from us, we just need writing skills. Sometimes, however, we can meet with restrictions on the country, but it is rare

Ongoing jobs

At picoworkers, earning does not only end with short tasks or how some say short works. We also have offers available here for people who are interested in higher earnings, of course it also involves a greater amount of time. In this section, various types of people post their job offers to those interested.

These tasks can be performed repeatedly, depending on the designated limit. The work is different, it can be writing articles, searching for content on google, finding information on various topics, filling out surveys, other tasks. Practically there is no rare range of tasks that we can have to perform. It can be anything the client wants, the earnings here can be quite high because as in the case of writing, the amount reaches up to $ 1, and the offer can be made several times, if we add other offers that we want to do, we can even earn these $ 50.

Fiction and reality in micro jobs

Unfortunately, not everything looks so rosy, we will not earn millions unless we work from the ongoing jobs section. Regarding short tasks - within a week we can earn about $ 1 somewhere, because there are not so many offers. It means that after each of them we do not have the opportunity to take part in it again. It is rather a work for the patient.

 We can withdraw money after collecting $ 5 on:
  • Amazon,
  • US Bank Cheque,
  • Crypto Currency,
  • Paypal
  • Paysafecard.
We get 1 $ for registration, unfortunately this amount is not possible to withdraw. We can only spend it on creating your own tasks.

To withdraw money or spend it?

Here is my own idea. You do not have to pay any money if you already have an account on other interesting websites about earning money, thanks to this site you can get recommended persons on them. The important thing is that you set the conditions that a person must meet to receive money. It means that you should take such a threshold that each registration will be turned to you.

 It may happen that on some site you collect a given amount, and then you will not be able to wait, so you can buy referrals and do it faster. In addition, collecting 5 $ on picoworkers may not be possible, so it will be a good idea to exchange money from this site for a different one. In addition, we get a start for $ 1 to spend on your own purchases, so we buy referrals and thanks to this we will transfer money to another site, because we will set a requirement that the registrations will be returned to us in 100%.


In my opinion, the picoworkers page is not a good side to earning, but it always gives us some new opportunities. If we make money on GPT websites and when we run out of offers to do it then we can use our new discovery. as an addition to another page, i.e. increasing profits.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Paidverts 2018 - you shouldn't invest here!

Paidverts 2018

Today I will talk about the paidverts earning platform. The site has been in existence for several years and still has many supporters. If you have been chatting on the internet, you have certainly heard many good reviews about this site. They should not trust them, the people who encourage you to join and invest their interest. Read until the end before you consider joining this program.

A few words about the paidverts platform

The PaidVerts platform was established on April 1, 2014 and works to this day and is what is important is 100% solvent. Payments usually occur within a few hours. The PaidVerts advertising platform works on the basis of delivering advertising packages to system users - the value of the advertisement you are looking at depends on what ads are currently in the system and what level of credibility we have for the system.

We gain credibility thanks to Bonus Ad Points (BAP). With very high credibility - we can receive an advertisement worth even $ 200. However, to achieve this level of BAP is not so easy.

What does Paidverts earn on?

Every ad we get every day to watch (with different values) takes BAP points from our account. Approximately, an advertisement worth $ 1 after being allocated to our account will take us 2,000 BAP points. Therefore, in order not to fall into the lower group, we must reinvest part of the earned funds (that is, buy advertising campaigns for them).

In simplification - 2/3 of the value of each advertisement, we should reinvest to maintain the same level of BAP points, because the campaign for $ 1 gives us 3100 BAP points, and watching an ad worth $ 1 gets us 2,000 points from the account. So we are 1100 points ahead. commissions on payment and withdrawal of funds are several forms of payment. Each payment is charged 6.5% + $ 0.30. 2.5% + $ 0.25 is charged on each withdrawal. Every day, 100 BAP points are charged from your account there are games available in the system (poker, roulette and other games of chance) in which you can play with BAP points ... to win or lose

Paidverts is a bad place for investments

The paidverts page is a revshare program, which means that we make money from other people's payments. The site is losing popularity every day, it has few new users. It is related to the fact that the time when we get the return of the invested amount will be reduced, and what is worse, it may happen that we will not be able to even recover half the amount invested. The paidverts platform was very popular at the very beginning, as is the case with revsahe investment programs. Time, however, does not work in favor of these types of sites.

 If we want to get a profit, the first will have to invest the right amount to make it happen. We must remember that we are not the only investors and every investment is shared by all users of a given group.At the moment, achieving this is very difficult, and over time it will be more and more difficult. I do not recommend investing here, I do not want to lie, but I think that if you invest here, you can count on a lot of risk and loss.

 On other websites, you will surely find opinions, people who still invest in paidverts, that it is still profitable to invest there. Certainly they are people who have invested a lot of money there and would like to get them back and the only way to do this is to find naive people who count on fast and big profit.


You can still earn money on the paidverts site. However, it should be remembered that there are fewer and fewer people investing every day, which is associated with a high risk of losing the invested funds. I recommend that everyone interested in investing bypassing this site with a wide arch and look around for some new programs. It is important not to be in a hurry. It is better to always wait for the appearance of some new program worth attention than to invest in rush.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Facts and myths about making money online

Facts and myths about making money online

A lot of people is thinking about myths of making money online . What is interesting or sometimes annoying - such myths are most often repeated by people who do not earn and never earn money in this way. They often write type information that they earn $ 100 online per day without any effort. Some even write things like: earn $ 3,000 a week online! I do not understand why some people believe it.

What others think about making money online?

Making money online for people who have nothing to do with it, unfortunately, are associated mainly with investments, clicking on advertising links, receiving e-mails, financial pyramids, mums with the need to buy a "starter" and simply trying to trick people by cheating promises "Pears on a willow tree". The truth is that earning online does not differ much from making money offline, which I will develop soon. In this post I will present the most popular myths known to me.

Making money online is about completing surveys

This is not true, it is one of the methods we have to choose. It is one of the easiest sources to earn money online. We do not need any experience or special knowledge to conduct surveys. It's enough that we participate in normal life, we do shopping, watch TV, do sports, etc. The more interesting people we are, the more we can earn. If someone thinks that he has children, a family and only goes to work, he does not travel and is not somehow outstanding and therefore he will not have many available surveys, which will limit his earnings he is wrong. These are people who search for polls, and usually there are various kinds of research on advertising and other related elements.

 It is true that we will not earn much money for this type of work. However, it is certain that these are good money for the home budget. Within a month, we can earn up to $ 50 with a small amount of time spent. There are people who earn up to three times this amount. It all depends on the time devoted. The internet is full of people writing that they earn $ 300 or $ 500 a month do not trust such people, most likely on a lie they try to enrich. This means that usually programs of this type offer a referral program, so if you register with a link that the person provides, it will simply benefit.

Making money online is about investing

This myth is definitely not true. Making money on the internet through investing certainly plays a big role, however there are many ways to go without it. Investing is connected with risk, we can earn a lot but also lose this money. Certainly it plays a big role in earning money online, if we want to achieve some higher earnings on the internet, e.g. by blogging we can consider this as an investment. It must be remembered, however, that we are not forced to do so, because we can always use a free alternative, i.e. set up a free blog.

This is not a worse solution many times I met with cases that the paid blog was worse than the free one which should not take place. However, this sphere depends on us, whether we want to invest or not, it is certain that it is not necessary.

Revshare programs are not financial pyramids

Promoters of this type of "advertising platforms" or "crowdfunding" are recently very much - which translates into the perception of "earning via the Internet" in outsiders. Smarter recipients of such ads will immediately notice that they are dealing with financial pyramids, less intelligent will lose money in such a pyramid - and they will start to associate "making money online" with fraud until the end without knowing what they were involved in.

Making money online is difficult

Making money online - due to the low entry barriers (virtually no requirements) is much easier to start (than "stationary" activity), but you can not say that it is easy. Just like in traditional business - everything requires work, analyze, adjust and continuously modify depending on the effects. Earning a lot of money can be fast or slow - but it will not be easy. People often exaggerate the other way, repeating the myth of "difficulties", "on the Internet it is very difficult to earn". This is what I associate with opinions like: "once it could have started, now it's too hard", "too much competition, it's hard to get out - if I could start a few years ago", etc.

The truth is that it's not really hard . There are so many partner programs that everyone will eventually find their target group and their product that can be successfully sold. An individual question is already at what time - and it can not be generalized.

Making money online is a scam

Scammers are everywhere, not only on the Internet. The millionaire reveals a way to 10,000. euro per month "," Discover the secret of millionaires "- these are all advertising slogans with which you can often meet. These types of offers have nothing to do with affiliation, partner programs or sales. The most common are casino ads (gambling) or MLM systems requiring investment. By the way, I am amused to use the word "millionaire" in such ads - as if it was unknown as much - but you can see it works, because these ads are more and more.

Any healthy-minded person - when he sees such an advertisement he will consider it a "scam" - and very well, but unfortunately he will also associate it with "earning via the Internet" and next time he hears / sees such a slogan, memory will give him an advertisement with the secret of millionaires or with a 26-year-old man earning 50,000 per month (which "laughs about who he was before" - this is a great slogan for me:>).

This whole secret, which is so often advertised, consists in playing roulette, betting the same options all the time (red or black) and doubling the rate in the event of a loss (then you will never lose money). Such a method obviously has a huge mathematical sense, but if someone decides to use such "camouflaged casino advertising" use - usually everything will lose, because it's all about it (no one verifies if the script works honestly, in addition, it's enough to run out of money and he will not be able to double the rate). Such a person will also think that all internet earning is a scam and will spread myths.

Without referrals, you can not earn a lot

Another myth, this time repeated by people who earn money online, they associate with MLMs. First of all - that someone misunderstood me - I think that multi level marketing is a great system, but provided that the profit comes from outside and the members of the structure do not have to buy anything (the more "buy-in" or "starter"!). This myth is obviously wrong - by far the most you earn yourself. In partner programs, the referral system is just an addition - on which you can even lose, not gain.

The Internet offers great advertising opportunities, but every industry has its limitations. For example, if you make money on the sale of slimming pills - you want to reach as many people as you can slim down. Do you think there are a lot of places on the internet where such people are and actively give?

There is a limited amount of these places, so you will rather use them to develop their own ads. In a situation where you will be looking for referrals, this "cake will split" and as a result you can earn less than without them. Referrals are usually an add-on in affiliation, not a foundation - this myth refers rather to MLMs and should not be associated with internet sales at all (affiliation is also sales!).


In the article I presented six myths about making money online. Of course there are many myths in this topic. If you have any suggestions for articles of this type, I invite you to the contact and submitting your own reflection myths.

Monday, September 24, 2018

Best money making apps in 2018

Best money making apps in 2018

Did you know that it is possible to make money on the Internet even without using a computer? It is possible to make money using your smartphone, you can fill your budget and have extra money for special purposes, save for a rainy day and cover your bills. Familiarize yourself with these 10 different methods to make money online using your smartphone and go on the road to financial freedom, which will only be possible when you start earning money from many sources and accumulating them on an inviolable bank account.


Viggle is good money making app which pays you for watching TV and listening to music. When you have downloaded their app on your smartphone, tap it when you start watching or playing the song. The app pays you for every minute of watching and listening and gives you extra points for watching ads, completing surveys and answering trivial questions. Points can be exchanged for gift cards to Best Buy, Starbucks and other stores and restaurants.

Gig Walk

If you're often busy every day, you can easily make money with Gig Walk. The application available on iPhones and many smartphones with the Android operating system asks you to verify the location of characteristic objects, road signs, communication objects, roads and other things. The application is one of the easiest ways to make money on your smartphone.


Do you want to get back to a good shape and earn at the same time? You can do both things with Pactapp. Thanks to this unique application, you register and make an "arrangement" with yourself that you will regularly exercise. When you exercise, you tell the application what exercises you have done and how long you have been practicing during a given workout. Then you will receive a small financial fee for the good performance of the arrangement. If you do not meet the set tasks in the training, you will be charged a small fine. The money goes out to those users who practice conscientiously, duly and according to the assumptions. When you earn a minimum of $ 5, you can withdraw funds on your PayPal account.


If you use your phone many times per day this is best app to earn money for you! The app gives paid advertising on the lock screen. When you turn on the phone, you move the slider one way and see the advertisement and the other way to unlock the phone. The algorithm tracks how many ads you display during the day and rewards you with small amounts of money based on the number of ad impressions. You must have at least $ 10 to withdraw funds earned on PayPal in this way. If you unlock your phone many times a day, the amount of money you earn each day can accumulate quickly. 

Receipt Hog 

Companies need to do market research to grow and sell their products in a more effective way. One of the ways that companies get information about their potential clients is to study their shopping habits. Receipt Hog is an application for smartphones with iOS and Android, which collects information on spending habits by analyzing information found on bills and receipts. Up to 20 times a month you can send a photo of your receipt for the shopping you have done. It can be a bill from a gas station, grocery store, department store, small shop with basic articles or restaurants. When you load the bill, the app rewards you with virtual coins. When you get 1000 coins, you can exchange them for real $ 5 and transfer these funds to your PayPal.

Field Agent 

Big brands need information on how their products are displayed in stores and conclude agreements with Field Agent to get this information from people like you. Target Tyson and many other great brands are currently using this application. After downloading the application to your smartphone, you can quickly complete very simple tasks when you visit the stores. You will be asked to carefully check the exhibitions, provide information and take photos. You will receive from $ 3 to $ 12 for completing the task and you can withdraw funds from your Field Agent account directly to your PayPal account.


PoshMark allows you to exchange for money clothes that no longer fit you or which you never wore. Download the app and take pictures of the clothes you want to sell. Make a brief description and add your clothes to the PoshMark online store. When someone buys a product, you get 80% of the price shown in the store and send the product to the buyer.

Shop Kick 

Shop Kick pays you for going to some stores. The app works with retailers like Walmart, Old Navy and restaurant chains across the country and pays you for visiting specific places. You are given points that you can turn into money and earn extra points for scanning barcodes through your phone and acquiring friends to register at Shop Kick. Points exchanged for real money can be paid to your credit card, so you will be reduced by a monthly bill or sent straight to your PayPal account.

Easy Shift 

Companies use Easy Shift to find out how their products sell to retail outlets throughout the United States and use this information to determine if they should or will not move their products to other locations or leave them where they are currently . If you have downloaded Easy Shift to your smartphone, you can start earning money by going to specific stores in your area and searching for specific products. Then you use your phone to scan barcodes and give the price at which the product is sold. You can earn between $ 2 to $ 20 for each completed job and the money will be sent directly to your PayPal account.

My Likes 

If you often use social media on your phone, My Likes is a good application for you to earn money. It allows you to participate in many advertising campaigns and rewards you with money for likes and sharing promoted posts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Thanks to My Likes, people with large fans' bases earn very big money.

In my opinion this are the best money making apps in 2018.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Paid to click - what you should known?

Earning money by clicking on ads is one of the currently available forms of earning money online. Many people who want to contribute to the domestic budget with additional funds are wondering about the legitimacy of such activities. Do they really pay off? Is the company honest and really paying money? How this is looked at in practice, treats this article - the information contained in it will help to dispel many doubts.

Clicking on ads - what is it about?

Anyone who is interested in issues related to paid clicks on advertisements and considering taking this kind of activity, should realize one important matter - namely that the discussed solution does not bring dizzying profits and should not be treated as the main source of income. It's just a way to enrich your wallet with additional funds that will allow you to pay your bill or make small purchases, for example.

How it's working? The mechanism is very simple. You register in the appropriate service - they are referred as BUX. At the given e-mail address you receive advertising messages in which you have to click - the remuneration is calculated for this particular activity. The PPC billing model applies here - pay per click, you can also contact the abbreviation PTC for paid to click. In any case, in both cases it's about the same thing: you click on the ad - you earn, you do not click - you do not make money.

Clicking on ads - is it worth it?

Paid clicking on ads is a job with no advantages. Most often in this context the following aspects are indicated:
  •  anyone who has a computer with internet access and good intentions can click, 
  • there is no need to make a financial contribution, 
  • no experience or specialized skills are needed, 
  • you decided about how much time per day is spent on clicking, 
  • it is a very flexible form of online earning, which can be easily adapted to your own expectations and possibilities.
 Is it possible to talk about the disadvantages of the discussed method? You definitely need to take the amendment on two most important aspects:
  •  single-click rates are not high, so you need to be involved in many programs to earn a specific amount,
  • in the long run, clicking is tedious, so it is advisable to take other activities in the area of online earning.

How to choose a good BUX?

The network has a lot of websites offering clicks on ads for a fee. How to choose the best? Here's a handful of useful tips:
  •  read the terms and conditions of the website carefully - if it is not there, it is difficult to take this site seriously, check the credibility of the website - 
  • find out what the internship is and what users think about it, also in terms of solvency,
  • the lower the minimum to withdraw, the better,
  • find out if the program has limits on the number of referrals, and if so, what limits, 
  • what are the options for earning - just clicking on ads or, for example, filling out surveys, performing tasks, watching paid videos, etc.

Where to find good bux/ptc site?

Check our recommendations for PTC sites, PTC SITES tab. With us you can be sure that you will find checked websites, detailed information on functionality, earnings, and payouts. If you are our subscriber, you can count on the latest information in this topic, and additionally participate in many promotions and returns that ordinary users do not have access to.