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Monday, April 22, 2019

Quick and easy ways to save money

We can gain money not only through earning. If we adequately dispose of them, we will have more and more of them. This is a superb way to increase your home budget. Our habits we have learned for many years lead to the fact we do not always think sensibly about how we spend money. Today I will show you how we can save a lot of money.

1. Do not pay with a credit card

One culprit for excessive spending is ordinary convenience. Because it is much easier for us to pay for purchases using a credit or debit card or to make them on the internet. We do not have to give someone live: cash - so we do not feel that we spend. 

If you think you pay with your card too often, remove it from your wallet and put it in your drawer deeply. Take out the money from the ATM and pay in cash. Cash is more conscious and ... painful. If you shop too much online, try to make a rehab, for example monthly (yes, possible). On the one hand, it will be a challenge for you, on the other you will save a lot.

2. Create a budget and use it

The rule is simple: to save money; spend less than you earn. If you do not count your expenses, it will be much harder to save you. 

Create a budget in the notebook (or Excel). From the amount you earn, subtract the one you want to save. You can spend only the amount that remains. Divide it into categories: fixed expenses (such as the payment for an apartment or fuel), food and unforeseen expenses (eg a sudden visit to the dentist). Planning is the key to success, and regular control of your finances only brings you closer to it.

3. Buy only what you need

Seemingly obvious advice, but are you surely applying to it? Surely you know people who do not have what to wear, but they also have none new clothes to wear. It is a good rule to introduce a rule that if I buy a new piece of clothing, we must throw an old man of the same type out. Surely you will not have a problem with it, and if you have a problem, is the new one needed? 

The same applies to electronics, for example. That the popular producer launches the sixth version of his smartphone does not force you to buy if my fifth version is still working fine.

4. Don't buy it. Fix it

Corporations, especially from the electronics industry, are getting used to the cheap product model - expensive service. As a result, it is often more profitable to buy a new product than to repair an old one. However, not always. 

Before throwing something away without thinking, check if it can not be fixed cheaply. We can replace the broken sole of decent shoes, and a broken laptop can be a matter of a damaged battery. Even an irreversibly torn jeans' leg does not mean you have to throw them away. There are many tailors who will make shorts for a small fee.

5. Don't buy in rush

Promotion at the supermarket, sale at the mall - do you think it is a good opportunity to do shopping and save money? You can be wrong. Going to the store during the promotion or sale is a much greater chance (or rather a risk) that you buy things you did not want and did not plan. 

There is a long-established rule to go to the store with a shopping list. You can enter another one that will be useful for larger expenses: before you buy something worth more than $100, wait 24 hours. After this time, you can say you do not need this item. Enthusiasm and excitement are sometimes a bad adviser.

6. Do not buy on credit

No matter how tempting it is, never take consumer credit to fulfill your whims. If you can pay $500 loan installment for two years ($ 12,000), it is better to put this money away and go for the same vacation for $ 9,000, and put the rest away or invest the rest.

7. Find a cheaper way to achieve your goal

You do not have to give up everything to save. Sometimes, find a way to not spend, but spend less. 
Look for cheaper substitutes for the products you use - this applies to both food (discounters are cheaper and sometimes just as tasty), as cosmetics and household chemistry. 

Do you love tasty food and good wine? Let them do it once in a while, for example once every two weeks. The small steps method is also effective in saving. It’s better to save less than nothing.

8. Purchasing with a list

We waste food mostly because we buy it too much. And why do we buy too much? First because we have no awareness of what and in what quantities we need. I have analyzed the topic with the rest in my example. Having a list I go around the store in specific areas, I go without a list and I am looking for something interesting - there is always something to be found.

9. Saving on cosmetics

There is nothing to cheat - the look matters. Many studies show that attractive women earn more, less often lose their jobs and can find a second sooner. This does not mean, however, that if we want to look nice, we need to spend a fortune on it. There are cosmetics that are cheap and expensive to differ slightly in composition. And among them are: body lotions, shower gels, preparations for cellulite and peels. What is worth spending more money on? For sure on face creams. It is also not worth saving on sun protection preparations. 

Besides, we will use if we know that the preparation, it is worth choosing the one in the larger tube. If we plan to buy a new product, let’s use the sample. This will allow us to save money spent on a missed cosmetic. In addition, it is worth following internet auctions. We find much cheaper brand cosmetics on them than those available on the shelves at the drugstore. However, be careful! Unfortunately, there is a risk of buying fakes, so shop in a proven place. There is also a cheaper way than shopping at a drugstore - doing them directly at the manufacturer. 

We can prepare many cosmetics at home - masks, scrubs, which will show equally good effectiveness as preparations available in stores.

10. If you do not need something, sell it

People collect everything - souvenirs, long-read books, unworn clothes or toys from childhood. All these things lie on the shelves in our homes, gathering dust on them. Some explain it with sentiment, others do not know why they did not throw it into the basket. 

The question arises - why do you want to throw it away, after all you can sell it! Not only that you get rid of obstructing, unnecessary things, you can still earn money from it. There are websites on which you can write literally everything after creating your own account. From clothes, devices such as a mobile phone or a radio, cinema tickets.


There is a lot quick and easy ways to save money. I mentioned only 10 of them, which I found really the easiest. There are other ways to take part in loyalty programs or setting up a savings account in a bank.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Do not waste time on i-Say surveys

Recently I wrote your opinion about the Spare5 service. As I make money on the Internet, I thought I would refresh my memory and write about another website I dislike and I think I waste too much time on it. I received an invitation from i-Say to two surveys today.

Filling data

I think this is really an annoying thing from i-Say. Every time I receive a survey, we must again fill in the details regarding our address, place of residence and so on. It’s mainly about our data in person. Maybe it would not be so bad if they really gave any interesting remuneration. The worst part is that after filling in these data, I do not get caught in many surveys.

In competitive websites with surveys, I complete my data once and I do not have to ask stupid questions about each question before each questionnaire. Just as I have already received the invitation to the survey, I complete it. For something like this we get a normal reward and that’s fine.
If we already have a question before the survey, it will take 10 seconds to complete it, and in I-Say it will be almost a minute, besides 2.3 times less pay for getting into the survey. I do not recommend i-Say!

Fatal competition from i-Say

I participated in one competition a few months ago, which they organized. There was nothing great to do, you only had to order some virtual reward. This means that, for example, as a salary, we paid out to our PayPal account and we already had one ticket to the competition. Unfortunately, I was disappointed on the day they announced the winners. I guess it not supposed them to be remembered, less of it. I was like one winner, great! When I went to withdraw funds for the next day I received a message saying that unfortunately I am not one winner and their system was wrong and instead of 10 people there were 10,000 of them. 

Really, a total failure. Man is happy that he won and this flop is here. About these 10,000 winners, they did not send information; I had to contact them first to get an explanation of the whole situation. Personally, I have a feeling that this contest was cheated. I have not logged in for a long time on i-say maybe I hoped that I forgot about their site and I will not look for the prize. Well, that’s just my observation. I do not recommend i-Say surveys and the entire website.

Reward for surveys

They do not pay too much for the surveys. I can not have a good insight here because it probably depends on the country in which they locate it. But the situation looks like that we will receive +/- 2 euros for the dedicated time in polls. This also happens differently if you include these rejections in polls and the time we devote to it will come out if less.


I think my explanation convinced you it is not worth wasting time on i-Say. If you start your career in completing online surveys, I definitely do not recommend this site to you. Why be discouraged at the beginning when there are really many good sites. For the beginning I can recommend: MarketAgent

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

What is cryptocurrency minining?

Last time I wrote about ways of earning Bitcoins. I found that not everyone knows what it is and what it involves. Today I took a short step back as part of the explanation of the concept - “cryptocurrencies.” There will be some scientific language.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Before we find out what is the cryptocurrency digging, let’s find out what these cryptocurrencies are. Well, in the simplest terms, the cryptocurrency works like a virtual currency. The holder of such a virtual currency stores it on his computer, tablet or other mobile device in a special application called a wallet which only he can access. Each unit of cryptocurrencies has a unique code. It uses this code to prevent copying and re-spending of a cryptocurrency.

Trading in cryptocurrencies takes place electronically, without the participation of any banking system directly between users. This is so-called peer-to-peer technology. Cryptocurrencies are currencies free from the control of politicians, domestic and international financial institutions. It is subject only to a strong system of electronic, automated security. Examples of cryptocurrencies are, for example:
  • Bitcoin - cryptocurrency introduced in 209 by a group of people (or one person) with the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto. 
  • Ethereum - also called “Bitcoin 2.0” is an alternative to Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Russian programmer Vitalik started Ethereum. 
  • Monero - an open-source cryptocurrency providing the user with a high level of privacy. They launched it in April 2014. The creator of this cryptocurrency remained anonymous.
Mining cryptocurrencies is to approve new blocks and attach them to an already existing chain. Block, this is the place where new transactions are saved and in which new coins are issued.

Digging cryptocurrency - what is it about? 

To dig a new block, you need to solve the cryptographic problem. This process involves finding a string of characters that satisfies the corresponding equation. Thanks to the fact that the protocol is in the so's form-called “open source”, it is possible to check what it solves a problem. The output data is the transactions of the previous block. A person or company that finds a solution, announces it on the network, and the others check its correctness. If it confirm the solution, it considers the new block to be dug, and the person receives a reward in the form of a specified number of cryptocurrencies. 

How to dig cryptocurrencies? 

The code to be solved to dig a cryptocurrency is very complicated. This process requires high computing power. It uses various devices for digging, starting from an ordinary computer, through graphics cards (GPU) to specialized ASIC tools. You can find on the Internet attempts to dig a block with only a card and a pen. However, if we want to take this seriously, let us provide you with the help. Let us remember that with some crypto-currency, the power needed to dig them is so large that a single person has little chance of success. Individual units are associated in so-called mines. Acting together, they use a common computing power so that the chance to solve the puzzle is much greater.


If you have reached the end of the article, already know to a greater or lesser extent what this currency is all about. I tried to explain it as the simplest language but it is difficult, because the topic is very hard to explain.

Friday, April 05, 2019

Easy ways to earn extra money

Making money online is a great opportunity to get extra savings. If you have not decided yet in what field you want to act, read this article and you will learn about the many options that the Internet gives us to earn.

What will you learn?

In the article you will find answers to the questions:
  • How can I make extra money from home?
  • What are creatives ways to make extra money?
  • Ideas to make extra money online.
Let's begin.


Are you tired of going to the office and the boss over your head every day? In that case, you can think about becoming a freelancer. That’s how many programmers, copywriters, graphic designers, translators, virtual assistant's work. First, however, you must really know the work you intend to pursue, have experience, competences and a portfolio in which you show your skills to others. 

Start by exploring the market. Initially, you can search for jobs on websites for freelancers and thus slowly build your portfolio. 

The beginnings will not be easy at all, because the competition is enormous, but it will direct people to you. Such earning via the Internet has many advantages, because first you work exactly when you feel like it, they can even call you. a digital nomad - to travel and work at the same time. If you know foreign languages ​​well, for example English, you can also try working for international companies, they associate which with much higher earnings. 

Remember that even if you do not have specific skills yet, you can get them. There are many courses available, both free and paid, for example, on Udemy, which will help you gain knowledge and allow you to earn money at home as a freelancer. For example, you can position websites. This is the knowledge you will not get at any studies, but thanks to your own experience. Start by creating a simple website for yourself and take various actions to improve its visibility on the web. 

Being a freelancer is not limited. You can, for example, write paid wishes, to plan a trip (rent a car, choose a hotel, write attractions) for busy businessmen, take pictures and many, many other activities. A lot depends on your creativity.


Filling paid surveys seems to be the easiest way to earn money online from home. First, you need none skills, education or experience. Everything that will be necessary is a determination and a lot of free time. Such a way to earn money online is very flexible, because you decide how much time you will spend on it. 

Systematic is the most important, some surveys appear and disappear within an hour, because the right number of respondents will fill them. Therefore, log into them several times a day, not letting them miss you. People who deal with this actively recommend such earning. Instead of being bored in front of a computer and browsing social media, for example, you can contribute to your household budget. It is also a popular way to earn money from home.


Online investing is a higher driving school to earn money online. First, you need to have a lot of knowledge and time on this subject. This method gives a great opportunity to make such investments their main source of income. 

It is worth to devote attention to cryptocurrencies. However, before you do anything in this direction, first pull up your knowledge and read a lot. Today, the market is dominated by a lot of cryptocurrencies. Some countries even plan to introduce them in an official form. The basis is to keep up with the emerging cryptocurrencies and to assess which of them increase their value. Sometimes, it looks like playing the stock market - you can really earn a lot without effort, but also lose a lot. 

How much can you earn from online investments? 

Here, the amounts can be both minimal and solid, which will allow you to stay on a great level. You can also lose out on it, so knowledge is essential, and it is not a way to earn money at home for everyone.


Running your own blog is a great way to earn money online, if you like to write and have something interesting to share. The blogosphere is very extensive, but interesting people still break through it. At the beginning, you invest primarily your time, because you can even run a blog on the free WordPress. Once you’ve built a community around you, usually a few thousand people, there will also be earnings from your blog or website. These are primarily ads, but also paid cooperation, etc. 

It also connects to blogging. A valuable page with high traffic will attract partners. If you read the e-mails of readers for example by sending an interesting newsletter to them, the chance of earning on the blog increases. For example, writing a valuable article about choosing the best baby bed, you can connect to it the affiliate system of the store offering such beds. You will receive a commission if your readers purchase by clicking the link on the page. There are many partner programs. 

The most important thing is that the blog is your true passion, and additional profits will appear themselves.


If you are already talking about blogging and making videos on YouTube, you can not forget about making money on social media. Here the situation is similar - first encourage content visitors, gather a community around you, and advertisers will contact you. Working on the Internet on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter is possible. 

Take care of the high quality of posts and photos. You can use paid advertising, in which you will recommend a product, for example cosmetics. You can also earn money on affiliate programs, when the product you recommend will be purchased by the link generated for you. 


You can also earn money on your knowledge via the internet. You need not be an academic lecturer for this. All you need is passion and ideas. For example, you cook well - spend your own e-book with recipes. Or maybe you can sew or know how to renovate? You can sell your own courses and guides about your field. 

The price of a single course at the beginning is not too high, but after building a brand and growing professionalization, it will bring you a lot of profit. You can even tutor on the Internet, via Skype. You can also set yourself up for individual trainings that are labor intensive, but bring significantly higher profits. 


Trading domains is undoubtedly a very interesting option for all those who have a hard time to trade and can sense the market trends somewhat. The most salient are those with the com, net, and org endings. 

The next step is coming up with interesting, interesting names. Check whether it is still free. If so, buy it and then try to sell for a higher amount. You can also search for domains - buy cheaper, sell more is the basic rule in this way of earning money online. Remember to price yourself how much your domain is worth. Too low amount is bad, but too high too, because the interest can be minimal, and you will lose only money and time.


An online store can also initially be making money to turn into something much more serious. First, think about what you can sell, where you will take goods, what kind of margin you will impose, how much competition is there? 

You can sell your own products (for example, sewn up clothes yourself), other people’s purchases, for example, in a warehouse or use the drop shipping model when you sell someone’s goods without having to store them at home.


Another idea for making money on the internet for everyone, with little effort, is the use of banking promotions. The most-profitable people can get even several hundred zlotys a month! However, it requires planning and meticulousness to keep track of setting up an account, using a credit card, closing them in a timely manner, and making purchases via them for a certain amount. 

This may sometimes apply to card payments, sometimes online shopping on the network, sometimes phone payments. It’s an extra profit. AND


As you can see, the ways to earn a lot of cash at home is really a lot and everyone can find something for themselves. It can be a form of earning or full-time work. However, each time you need to get involved and spend more or less time. Making money online, like no other way of working, requires creativity and planning everyday activities.

Monday, April 01, 2019

Get free referrals with Us!

Today I will not write about the methods of getting referrals via the Internet. I’ve already written about it and think that I have exhausted all possibilities. If you have not seen this article, you can read about it here: How to get referrals? Today, I will rather want to encourage you to become one of our bloggers.

Get referrals! 

The blog has been running for some time now. You can find here more and more interesting information. I am thrilled about it because our group is also growing. Do you know that on Easy Money Online you can also share your story about one website? Describe your first impressions, difficulties and also whether you have succeeded. But do not look at it from this side are people who write diaries. For those people, they are motivators for further work. Why is it to be with you differently? Have you already tried your strength to earn money online? If yes or no, in both cases I have a good answer for you. 

Write with us! Thanks to this you will share much interesting information with our readers. It may also make earning over the internet turn into a success you wanted to achieve. We as - Easy Money Online give you this opportunity.

What are the requirements?

We only require honesty and integrity. If your English is not superb, you can always improve it by writing. I am not an outstanding writer myself, and I learn something new every day. I also used various types of pages that improve my stylistics and spelling. I am thrilled about it, because before that I did not even think about how many bulls I was doing. So the texts you will want to add will check and correct myself. 

All corrections will have to be accepted, after all it will be your post, so I should do nothing without your permission.

You can write on what you want, we limit no one. You will also get your own account, so everyone will know who wrote the article. Unless you will not want to do it too long. You can always try - send us a onetime article and I will publish it under my nickname. If you are not interested in further writing, you will just stop the contact and that’s it.

Are there any benefits?

Each blogger can add links with his registered link to websites in which he earns money. Links of years and articles will be on the website for life, we will not replace them with other links. The only exception can tidy up the blog. It means that if the site you added the link to does not exist anymore, you will allow us to remove it. 

I also think the benefit is the writing itself that will merge your knowledge and motivate you to act.

How to start?

At the top of the page there is a contact form - Contact Us. Use it to write to us, present your case. If you have questions, then write boldly. We are happy to answer and help with everything we can do. As I wrote earlier, I have none requirements - all you have to do is speak English and you can write on our website.


Dear reader, thank you for using our site to get information about making money online. I hope that I have given you another opportunity to act in this area.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

How to earn Bitcoins?

Bitcoins are everywhere and when they came into circulation, few believed in this virtual currency. Now it has a different value. Today I wrote about another aspect of earning via the Internet or the title Bitcoins. This not currency gives us a lot of possibilities. From apparent digging, it is a major investment. How can you earn Bitcoins? I invite you to read.

Earn Bitcoins by investment

If you are already in possession of Bitcoins, make them work on themselves. How? Nothing easier. Earn Bitcoins with monthly interest from people who borrow from you..
  • Borrow directly to someone you know. You determine whether a person is trustworthy. Reconcile the conditions on which the transaction will take place, duration and interest. The disadvantage of this solution is probably that it will be difficult for you to find a friend who will meet your expectations and will want to borrow on your terms. It is a cool idea how to earn Bitcoins.
  • Social loans in Bitcoins - platforms that enable investing in borrowers from around the world. One option that offers this solution is Bitbond. Verified borrowers publish a loan application and you can help them finance it. My advice in this matter is investing smaller amounts in various borrowers to diversify the risk. In this solution, Bitcoin replaces money. The borrower gets a certain amount of money for a certain period and repays it with interest. Here, however, know 2 things. Remember that the platform through which you invest is trustworthy and check exactly who you are loaning your Bitcoins.
  • Borrowing Bitcoins is a good way to make even more of them. And remember my warning, borrow only on platforms you’ve read about and know that they are trustworthy. Such websites should meet standards as you would expect from similar sites that are not based on Bitcoin technology (eg LendingClub). Unfortunately, in the world of Bitcoin, there are a lot of platforms that try to stretch the user and they turn out to be just a scam. So, if you want to earn Bitcoins by borrowing, make sure you deal with whom twice.

Earn Bitcoins by digging

Bitcoin mining, or digging Bitcoins. This is the process by which it generates new Bitcoins. When generating Bitcoins, the computer adds the newly produced cryptocurrency to the block chain, or blockchain. It is used to store data, which are transactions occurring in the Bitcoin network. 

Bitcoin digging requires specialized equipment, and therefore is very expensive, most of the individual miners join the so-called mining pools. We can call them mines. By providing your computing power, you can earn Bitcoins with digging without having to create your own mine. There are whole communities around Bitcoin digging, and although Bitcoins can be earned in this way, it’s just good fun.

Earn Bitcoins through trading

Some say trade is gambling. While these two things have something in common, they are very different. While gambling, there is a certain likelihood of both winning and failing. However, when you trade assets, it becomes much more complicated. That’s why this point will help you understand how to earn Bitcoins through trading. 

The simplest method in this case is arbitration, the concept of which is simple. We buy on an exchange rate on one stock exchange and immediately sell on the other at a higher price. However, you need to make sure we can sell the asset immediately at a certain price. If it fails, then talk about speculation. Here, you can buy a cryptocurrency and then wait until its price increases so you can earn Bitcoins.

Earn Bitcoins on Ads

We can also earn Bitcoins through advertising. There are two ways by which you can enlarge your resources of this cryptocurrency. First, there are websites that pay with Bitcoins for watching ads. Although earnings are tiny, this method does not require financial contributions, it is also not labor-intensive. It is necessary to have an open advertisement page and to confirm the presence from time to time by entering the CAPTCHA code.

We can withdraw profit after reaching the minimum threshold. The second method intended for website owners is placing paid advertisements on their blogs, which, when clicked, redirect to another website. Principals can pay a commission in Bitcoins.

The more traffic on the page combined with clicking on the ads, the more profit the contractor receives. You should remember that you should not exaggerate with the number of ads because it deters users, and the effect is counterproductive.

Earn Bitcoins with affiliate programs

A good way is to establish cooperation with companies and receive remuneration or share in profits. Affiliate programs consist in recommending by the user to other people of a service. When we advertise a product or service to someone and this person uses the offer by logging in to our link, they will credit the amount of remuneration to our account. In this way you can promote internet services closely related to Bitcoin, portfolios, websites or stock exchanges, and physical products such as Bitcoin and book excavators.

Earn Bitcoins by promoting Airdrops

This is a kind of marketing activity. Join the community that promotes the right program, such as Airdrop. We get the salary in virtual coins. The task is to share project pages on their social media, recommend them to friends and any similar promotional activities. It is profitable because the cryptocurrency got in this way can often be exchanged for a large amount of standard money. Very many platforms reward the user with cryptocurrencies for registering on the site.

Earn bitcoins on taps

This is an additional method, which will not bring great profits, but it is worth to pay attention to it in your free time. There are places that are called taps. You can get free Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies you get for clicking or, sometimes, recommending friends. We can get additional percentages for their activities. We achieve the best results with daily clicking and regular actions. You need a virtual wallet to transfer your funds.


There are a lot of ways to earn Bitcoins online. If you already decide on a method or check all, remember that we need a special wallet for this currency. Personally, until now, I checked only CoinbaseIf you are a beginner or a green person in this topic, it should be enough for you to start with. You can also wait for my next post, in which I may share mu view on the wallets for our Bitcoins.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

TimeBucks - Micro Jobs And Paid Surveys

Today I will present you TimeBucks website. The site is available to people from every part of the world. Everyone who makes money by filling out surveys or short tasks, such as watching videos or reading various types of pages, can earn extra money here.


Paid surveys on TimeBucks

One of the available options for earning money on the site are paid surveys. Here is different from on websites that specialize only in surveys - in this case we receive invitations to e-mail surveys. At TimeBucks it is different to check if we have available any surveys first we have to log in to the site. Then we have to go to the “Earn” tab and then “Surveys”. At the moment, the website cooperates with such sites as: Tap Research, Routers, Theorem Reach, Peanut Labs, Poll Fish, Revenue Wall, Adscendmedia.

I will not give rates are for surveys, because it depends on the length of the questionnaire and the country in which we live. However, from what I watched, the rates are a few percents better than in competitive websites, which really predicts well if we will do it longer. A daily survey comprising several questions is also available on the website. Its filling takes literally 10 seconds.

Micro jobs on TimeBucks

Another method of earning money on the site are short tasks, at the beginning we have even such tasks as filling out the profile. Make little money but always something. Other tasks involve watching movies - this is available for every country. In other websites, it is rather that only a small part of countries have this option available. Going further, we can also earn by reading pages, which visit - 5, 10 seconds and we get a reward for it. 

A further part of the short tasks are social media, ie Facebook or Instagram, usually we need to like a website.

A little bit of everything

On the site you will also find a tab such as “Offerwalls” or how the name says various types of offers. We will earn here on surveys, quizzes, visiting websites, signing up for various contests and so on. There are many possibilities. 

The site cooperates with: ADGEM, radiumone, Personaly, superrewards, WANNADS and many others. I counted 12 different partners. 

On the site you will also find a tab such as “Tasks” are the tasks from the well-known site Figure Eight. It’s also a lot of tasks here, it’s more complicated. One example of such a task might be to segregate offers from some internet site. This means we will get photos and descriptions and we have to confirm or not whether they are in the right category, whether the picture is true and so on.

Lotteries and cashback

If we complete 10 tasks, we can take part in the lottery once a day. This is a great option because the highest reward we can win is $100, and just be active on the site. 

There is also a so-called - CashBack, we buy something in a store and we get a prize in the form of cash back from the amount we spend.

Earnings and payment on Timebucks

Earnings I would say are average on this website. Not too small, but not huge. If we go to the site every day and fill out the offers, we should easily earn $10 in a month. You need this amount to pay. If we focus to a large extent on completing surveys, we will even earn a double of this amount within a month. 

Payments to the most popular internet wallets: PayPal, Payeer and Bitcoin.


I think TimeBucks website is worth checking. It offers worthy earnings for this site. It has an enjoyable interface, the minimum for withdrawal is low and we also participate in a special prize draw just for being an active player.