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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

How to earn money on fanpage?

On the Internet you can make money in many ways - including on your fanpage on Facebook. How to earn a fanpage? There are at least a few ways to do it.

Earning money on fanpage

First we can start by sale advertising links. For less than USD 5, you can find offers to insert your link to a popular fanpage, for example, gathering over 70,000 fans. Little? Well, our only job is to link something on his fanpage, so he will not get too much. Unfortunately, the prices of these ads are currently much lower than about 2 years ago, but if you have a really big fanpage, which is not a shame to loot you with advertising links - you can use it in this way.

Next way is product recommendation from partner programs. A large themed fanpage can also be used for recommending products that are worth buying, but instead of simply linking to a store - use affiliate programs. For example, on a fanpage related to reading books, you can recommend cool books or promotions, and if any of the fans buy a book using your link - you will receive a commission on your purchase.

The third method is using the fanpage as an advertising space in cooperation with companies / advertisers. You do not always have to sell links on auctions, you can try to interest your company's fanpage with your industry. For example, if you have a fanpage with a large community of "I love chocolate" (I do not know if it is, but I shoot it), you can contact chocolate-producing companies, chocolate telegrams that offer chocolate fountain rentals for a wedding, etc. Offer them advertising in the form promotion of their products on your fanpage. Of course, you must add that earning in this way on the fanpage is not entirely consistent with the Facebook rules, but it's hard to prove to someone that recommending, for example, a particular brand of chocolate does it for money, and not because he likes this particular chocolate.

What to do to make money on fanpage?

First of all, you need to have a very popular fanpage, which is the best one that has liked several hundred thousand people. Today it will be difficult to set one up from scratch, because Facebook users are already more attentive and do not click "Like" at anything. But there are still such actions and ideas that in a short time accumulate a large community (for example, recently there was a fanpage with the number 1000 in the name: 1000 gift ideas that you will not fall into). It's good to focus the community around something if you want to sell ads. The mentioned fanpage with 1000 ideas works great (as you can see from their posts) to promote the shop with ideas for gifts. Entertainment fanpage, not focused on any subject  have a chance to gather a larger community and earn on advertising links sold on site where we can offer such things.

Where such method like fanpage works too?

Facebook is not the only place where you can make money in this way. Earning on displaying links to websites, recommending products or brands can be imagined also in other social media - on Google +, Instagram, Pinterest. Like on Facebook, the key here is to gather a large community. And although I can not imagine that the ads on the fanpage on Facebook could be maintained, you can certainly earn extra money on them for salaries or other earnings from the Internet.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Greenpanthera - start earning, step by step

Hello all readers, some time ago I added a topic about the greenpanther service. It was rather a cursory article explaining the general concepts about the site. I recently received a message that some people have problems with this service, in terms of service. Today I would like to explain exactly how to navigate the site, from the very beginning along with the registration.

greenpanthera register

Registration on the site

If you do not have an account yet, or had a problem with it, I invite you to register. The link to the page is above.So we're starting. Once you're on the site, in the upper right corner next to the search box, you should locate the "Join now" button. We click on him. You should see this page.

Briefly about each field:
  1. In the name field, it's best to enter your real name right away, if you used your nickname, which you use on different pages, nothing happened. You can improve your name at any time because we use our email to sign in.
  2. In the field of e-mail, of course, we give your postal address. I recommend that you provide an e-mail address that does not receive too much messages. Why? Because it will be easier for us to find information that will be sent to us by the greenpanther survey page. It is about 3 mails a day. It can be said that unlike other websites, they are spamming the mailbox a bit. Well, but it is also good, because greenpanthera is one of a few of the sites where there are so many surveys every day.
  3. The rest does not need to be explained, we give the password, enter the code that we are not a bot and confirm our e-mail address. If we have done all this, we log into our profile on the website.

How to start earning with greenpanthera?

If we have already logged in to the website, we come to our panel, for this purpose we are looking for a link under the name personal account. It is located just below the icon, which shows our current account balance - how much we have already earned. Then go to "Personal Data". We must now complete our profile, it is not mandatory, but it is worth doing, because just for supplementing information about ourselves, we get $ 5 for free. Maybe not so free, because in the end we had to do something. The money for completing the profile is added to the account automatically.

 We have already earned $ 5 quite well, since we have not done anything too much. Well, it's time to move on. Maybe I will let you down a little, that now it will be a bit slower, but what to do. Nothing promised us coconuts. From now on we have two possibilities to earn money from surveys:

  1. We can go to the "Earn Money" tab and start earning money from the website's partners. We receive from 0.60 to 1 $ for a single survey. At least I have such rates, it is possible that the country in which you are located has better paid surveys. And here one very important thing, the money for a successful survey is added to the account within 1-2 weeks, I know it is a long time, but in truth it is such a job. Not for short but for a long period.
  2. And the second way, that is, we wait. For what? For information about surveys that we will receive via e-mail. We simply enter the link, which has been sent to us and we check the questionnaires, whether we qualify and so on. The rates are different. If we can finish the survey, money will be added to our account after 1-2 weeks.


That would be all this topic, after collecting $ 30, we can withdraw money to our paypal account. There is one more option that I have not mentioned, we can still make money on purchases. So the return of some of the purchase costs, but I left this topic for another occasion, because there are sites with a better offer in this area...

Friday, August 10, 2018

Extra pocket money by completing short tasks

Hello to all readers, today I would like to present you a page that offers you earning by doing short tasks. The site does not offer high earnings, but has always known how to earn a few pennies.

keeprewarding register

About Keeprewarding

The site has been operating for 6 years and since then has been paying out money to its users. If you have already had the opportunity to participate in programs such as clixsens or neobux, this site works on similar terms, with the difference that it has more offers available. Among other things, we have the opportunity to earn by watching movies, articles, paid surveys, paid registrations and many more in the rest of this article I will write a detailed description of the given forms of income.

How to start earning?

To join the program, all you need is a quick registration, just enter your login, password and e-mail confirmation. Additional information about ourselves is not required, because anyway, if we want to proceed to the surveys on this page, we will be asked to provide additional information. If you want to join the program now and see how this website works, I invite you to use the link placed above. 

Since we have already arrived here, let us briefly describe various forms of earning. To start earning, we have a lot of options to choose from, firstly - paid surveys and services that make them available:
  • SurveyWall,
  • Live Survey,
  • Pollfish,
  • SaySo Rewards,
  • Tapresearch,
  • TheoremReach.
And many more, they will not list all of them here because the situation may change and new services that make available surveys may appear or be removed. Recently, just keeprewarding has included the option of completing surveys through theoremreach, this is one of the few options that pays us for not being qualified for a given survey. We can earn up to $ 15 a day on the surveys themselves.

Another form of earning is watching movies is really easy because we do not have to watch these films. All we need to do is open the movie player script and leave it in the open tab. During this time, we can make other offers to increase profits. We get about 1 cent for about 6 movies. It may not be too much, but as I mentioned earlier, we can do something else. That is full auto earnings. The only minus is that the offer is not available in all countries.

 The site also gives us the opportunity to earn by clicking on ads, it is rather unprofitable, but if you want to someone, you also have the option. Until recently, there was an option to earn as much as 1 cents for 5 seconds of watching an ad. Unfortunately, at the present time, there are no such high rates. Although you know nothing, the situation can change at any time. So check this section too!

Other earning options

If you thought that all we could do on this site was a bad mistake. There are also programs like trailpay, persona.ly, adgate or radium one. Will you ask what? And that these programs offer us to earn on the installation of an application on the android or perform registration or paid quizzes. Briefly on the subject of each method:
  • Installing apps on android, we can earn up to $ 5 for installation. Unfortunately, more, you can earn it and also time to sacrifice. However, it is a very easy form of earning because when you earn you may find that something gives us a laugh. So we earn and we have fun with it. If a website offers, say, $ 4, it means that it can take about 3 days to say 1-2 hours per day.
  • Registering in games, to earn about 50 cents per offer, are sometimes very easy, because they offer registration in played and a certain level. This can be terribly easy, because we have access to the bot in the game, which will itself aim at a certain level, and we just need to click in a given place every 2-5 minutes to go further with the plot.
  • And the last form that we distinguish in this article, ie paid quizzes. Paid even 40-50 for a quiz. You ask, but how is it? There is a snag in this, because to get such a reward for completing the quiz we must have 100% good answers. But this is the method, even on this blog, if you look well, you will find answers to these quizzes. So, as if you were making a copy and paste method.


If you have registered on the site, you know that I have not exchanged all forms of earning. I did it because I do not use it myself or do not have that possibility, or I just decided that it does not matter.

Wednesday, August 08, 2018

7 Best Ways to Make Money on YouTube

In today's post you will learn what it looks like to earn on YouTube, what are the rates for ad impressions, and how many views we can start earning. In addition, it will show you 7 ways thanks to which you will be able to monetize traffic from your channel.

Earning facts and myths on Youtube

At the very beginning, I would like to quote some important facts that will help us earn you on youtube. The YouTube platform for most people is a website where we can find various interesting videos. However, few people realize that youtub is the second largest search engine on the internet right after your uncle Google.

 What's more, the Youtube service belongs to google. That's why video from the youtube site appears quite often in search results, and positioning videos from this site is much easier than positioning material from other platforms. Another curiosity related to this service is the fact that Youtube monthly visits nearly 19 million people from around the world, and 300 hours of videos per hour are added to youtube. In such a huge assessment of materials, we have to stand out from the competition. Among other things, the quality of our video, as well as the appropriate positioning of our film.

Ads displayed during our video

In the first place we found earning on advertisements displayed while watching our materials by other people. This is the most popular and at the same time the most passive way to earn money on youtube. All you need to do is to enable monetization in our admin panel and that's all. It is worth mentioning one thing here. For the channel to start earning, it must meet 2 conditions First of all, our materials must be viewed by at least 4,000 hours in the last 12 months Secondly, the channel must have a minimum of one thousand subscriptions. Therefore, the smallest channels must either get away with the taste or grow to the appropriate ceiling.

 As for the rates we can count on, depending on the type of ads as well as their display intensity, the rates range, for 1000 views, earnings per movie can vary between $ 3-5 The earnings on YouTube depend not only on the popularity, but also on the type of advertising we choose to place on our channel. The more visible and aggressive the better, the better paid, but it will certainly annoy the audience a bit.

 Google provides us with various forms of advertising, including: Pre-roll - short advertising spots lasting a maximum of several seconds. They are displayed before starting the video material on the player and the recipient can not be stopped. There are also those that can be turned off after a few seconds. Visual ads - most often placed in the upper right corner of the screen. Ads placed on the bottom video bar. Ads appearing during the video - due to the fact that they break the continuity of the message, are not very popular. As you can see, there are a lot of advertising forms and we can choose the ones that suit us the most. But do not forget about one. Nobody likes ads, which is why it is not worth overdoing them, as this may translate into a significant drop in the viewership of our channel.


The second way to earn money on the youtube platform is crowdfunding. It is a voluntary collection of funds that the viewers of a given channel donate to the founder in thanksgiving for the effort put in adding materials and running the channel. This is the perfect way to earn money on youtube for all niche channels that do not get the right results to turn on your ads in your videos or simply do not want to. To start earning in this way, simply register on the patreon.com portal and let your viewers know that they can support us. That's all. This method is very simple, and if our materials provide the right dose of knowledge or entertainment, we can certainly count on the support of our viewers.

Sales of own products

The third way to earn money on youtube is to sell your own products. If we are experts in a given field, we can share our knowledge with others and make money on it. We can create a course, write an e-book, or make paid online consultations. There are many possibilities and everything depends on what we feel best in. If we do not have the substantive knowledge, because our channel is, for example, entertainment, then we can sell clothes or other gadgets related to the channel. Of course, this model of making money on the Internet will be the more effective the more people will know our materials.

Recommendations for other products

The fourth way to earn money on youtube is to recommend other products. This way of earning differs from the previous one in that we advertise products other than ours. It is all the more convenient because we do not have to waste time creating our own products, but we can choose from a huge number of partner programs that offer us the opportunity to earn a certain percentage of the sale of each product that will be purchased from our command. In other words.

 Each time someone from our order decides to buy a product or service, money will fall into our pocket. What can we advertise? Depending on the subject of our channel, we can advertise different types of products related to what we do. For example. If we run a channel dedicated to fairy tales for children, then we can advertise all kinds of toys, coloring books, or everything that our viewers are interested in. It is important to realize who is watching our materials because it is the key to better monetize of traffic. The worst thing is to choose ads badly. Imagine the situation that the aforementioned fairy tale channel for children advertises hunting equipment. It's not enough that advertising will have no result, we will lose viewers.

Product Reviews

The fifth way to earn money on youtube are product reviews. They differ from the previous way in that our video is fully dedicated to a particular thing, or a service that we test and give a specific opinion about. If the product is good, we recommend it by including our affiliate link. In the event that the review of the product went wrong, we can always recommend another one, which is also better by including affiliate links, thanks to which we will earn money.

 It is important that the reviews of our products are structured to solve a specific problem. For example. If we were to review the painkiller, we could describe that it is effective, that it helps quickly, that it is safe. Nevertheless, such a review would not reach our viewers' beliefs. It is different if we created a review of the same painkiller and described that it is an excellent remedy for toothache. This material construction shows that the product or service solves a specific problem in this case relieves pain. Such video construction will cause more people to click on our films, which will translate into more profit.

Product placement

Another way to earn money on youtube is to locate products in our videos. If our channel is large enough, a situation may arise that certain companies may come to us with a cooperation proposal, which will consist in the fact that in exchange for often substantial remuneration, we will use our company's products in a video. Most often, product placement can be seen on channels associated with cooking, or any type of mechanical work.


The last way to earn money on YouTube is to find a sponsor. Channels that already have a well-established position in the market can enter into cooperation with sponsors, who in return for advertising on the channel will pay us a fee, often sowite. How to get a sponsor? There are several ways. The best situation is when the sponsor submits himself to us with the cooperation offer. The situation is then simple. If nobody comes to us, we can take the initiative ourselves and look for sponsors. Try to contact companies that are related to your industry and ask if they are interested in cooperation. In addition, you can post information in your video about the fact that you are looking for a sponsor. It may turn out that your material is being viewed by the person who will pay for the advertisement on your channel.

 Thank you for your attention and I invite you to subscribe to the blog, so you'll be up to date.

Monday, August 06, 2018

4 effective steps to build a popular profile on instagram

As I recently added a topic about earning on instagram today I will share with you how to build a strong profile there. A few tips thanks to which you can build a popular profile on instagram. If you are interested in the ways of developing an account and acquiring new followers, I invite you to the content of the guide. Maybe you will not be the star of instagram straight away, but it will certainly help you in gaining popularity and fans.

Choose the right subject

This is a very important point, because not every topic has a chance to become popular. Do not follow your own taste, watch the majority. What you like about you does not necessarily appeal to others. The Internet has its own rules and you do not have to be unique in order to gain popularity.

You do not need to have a unique niche, a unique style - followers perform much better statistically than people who try to come up with something of their own (just look at "pato-streaming"). Choose a niche that enjoys popularity and take an example of people who are already in this niche - you will have a much better chance of building a popular profile than when thinking about what to do. Do not choose niches in which the competition is very small or not - this usually means that there is no demand for such content. As there is demand, there is also supply - if there is no supply, the demand probably is not there.

Choose a name, insert the appropriate profile picture and fill in BIO

Everyone who enters your profile will see three scallops, three extremely important things in the context of building popularity on instagram:
  • Your name,
  • Your profile picture (avatar),
  • Your description and link in BIO .
 The name does not have to be associated with the chosen niche, although at the very beginning it can help (on the instagram is also a search engine and it is worth to shoot in the words that people are looking for). Common profiles have their own names, their nicknames or names and surnames. Your profile may be fictitious, then it would only be a pseudonym + "official". "Official" in the name is important for the credibility of the profile, raises status and prestige.

 A profile picture should be associated with niche, at the beginning absolutely - later it can be associated with a fictitious person who allegedly runs this profile. People are visuals, which is why the selection of this photo is important. It's worth considering at the beginning and using the same avatar everywhere, so that you can start to associate with our profile - then even if someone forgets the name and goes to this avatar, he will immediately associate it with our profile. If we think about earning Instagram seriously, in our avatar we can put our logo - so as to build a brand among our customers (followers).

The fact that instagram is used to build a brand, I do not have to mention - just look at popular company profiles. Brands want to be on instagram, so they see benefits in it. Everyone can add a short description of the profile and a link to the selected page. The description should describe succinctly and meaningfully the contents of the profile, e.g. "Find here ...". The link depends on what you are advertising, it can be a link to the affiliate offer, but it can also be a link to your website or other social media profile. The same goes the other way, on other social media it is worth to link and recommend your profile on instagram.

Add thoughtful and interesting content

The content of the profile is much more important than the name, avatar and description. What matters is a constant presence, not adding a large group of photos at a time. Prepare content in advance, plan what and when you add to make it interesting. Remember that the more interesting the post - the more reasons your audience will leave behind.

 Regularly monitor and record which posts related to your niche have gained the most popularity and then add similar ones. After some time, you can add the same content that was popular before. Publishing what the followers want to see is the best method for the fan to become the buyer in the end. You need to keep your audience's interest and stimulate them to interact (eg, leave a comment). In the context of building a brand, it is worth to make apparently consistent material available. These can be photos in the same style, e.g. with a specific frame, a specific shade, passed through a specific filter.

The idea is that content is associated with your profile. You can also add a watermark to your photos so that even after copying and pasting somewhere else, they direct you to your profile. Thoughtful content is also relevant hashtags. Tags allow you to automatically conquer the number of likes in the initial period after publication. The right choice of tags adequate to your niche is a very important aspect of developing your profile on instagram. A maximum of 20 tags can be added under each photo. If you have no idea what tags to add, just copy them from the competition.

Browse the photos of the competition and copy tags from the most popular ones. The method is very simple and remarkably effective. Often, the question about the right time of publication also goes through. If you're interested in large ranges and are definitely interested, you need to add photos in a timely manner. On instagram, the best results are achieved in the morning (before work / school) and after official business hours (that is, after 5:00 PM - when people returned to their homes). It's important to understand that photos on the "whiteboard" are visible only a few hours, so publishing photos at night is pointless.

Be active on instagram

Activity is not only a way to advertise a profile, but also to increase the followers' involvement and content improvement + selection of hashtags.
  •  First of all - do not skip comments - answer your observers, thanks to which you will gain their sympathy and increase your involvement on your profile. The more the discussion develops, the better the chance for newer comments and likes. Engaged followers also have more potential in the context of becoming your client. 
  •  Secondly - regularly observe the competition - observe what tags he uses, which he puts in photos, which pictures are popular with them, which are less. Observing the competition, you have much more data to build your own strategy. 
  •  Thirdly - advertise through interactions - Comment, like and follow other profiles. Apparently, it has been proven that this order gives the best effect - that is, first comment, then liking, and finally folling. Get involved in the competition profiles, but also on instagrams not related to your niche. The more interaction, the better - this is how popular profiles are built on instagram.

Saturday, August 04, 2018

5 proven ideas for earning money on instagram

Making money on instagram may seem like something simple, but it is not. At first glance, the monetization itself is simple - but building a profile, collecting the right number of followers is the most problematic. Only after building the profile, we can talk about earning money on it.

 From this guide you will learn what are the most effective and popular methods of making money on Instagram, which you can use on your accounts. I hope that the guide is a great proposition for experienced instagram members as well as for those who are just starting their "fight" on instagram.

Idea 1 - Affiliation

Affiliation or advertising of partner programs. There are a lot of affiliate networks. For sure you can find an affiliate program matching the subject of our profile and then earn money by directing users to our affiliate link. This may be the sale of various products, it may be email offers submit, sms contests, online games, some dating sites, everything that is available in partner programs.

 Affiliation is about advertising our link. When a user enters our link and eg buys a product that we advertise, we will receive a commission on sales. It's a very easy and affordable way to earn money.

Idea 2 - Sponsored posts

Sponsored posts, i.e. advertising posts for which we were paid. It's about adding third-party ads, websites and websites. This is a very simple method of earning, but it can be problematic to find customers. It can be seen that more and more brands are betting on influencers who do not have hundreds of thousands of observers.

Niche profiles with dedicated fans can be even more profitable than large profiles. So it comes out that even by running a small profile - we should not be afraid to suggest cooperation to large brands. If we have a valuable account, you can not wait with your arms folded until customers start banging on our doors and windows, because it probably will never happen. It is worth to look for yourself, send a message to the companies and websites with which we would like to cooperate.

Before submitting a proposal, it is worth having an idea how a post could look like and what an advertiser will gain. It should also be remembered not to propose at the very beginning how high rates are. These rates are very broad, there is really no price list. We can write in advance that this would be our first cooperation and we do not know how much to propose. The cosmic amount can cause us to go out on an idiot - it's better to admit that you are a novice. Over time, we'll know how much our sponsored posts are worth.

Idea 3 - Product placement

The second idea referred to explicit posts of sponsored, obvious advertisements. There is also the possibility of uploading photos that do not look like advertising, but they are. It's about locating - for example, drinking specific drinks, walking in clothes of a specific brand, using specific equipment, watches, etc.

 Here the advertisers search rules are exactly the same. However, you can not boast of such campaigns. Posts from sites should be marked - in theory. In practice, hardly anyone means them, they tend to look like a normal post in advance.

 Idea 4 - Selling your own products

If affiliate campaigns from partner programs work, nothing prevents you from selling your own products, similar to those that we previously sold through partner links. The most profitable are virtual products, such as, for example, e-books that we have prepared and written. The cost of producing an e-book is USD 0, and the profit is 100% of the price (minus tax). Selling your own products on instagram is one of the most profitable methods of earning money.

The most important thing is choosing the right products, which can be done before by testing various affiliate campaigns. Such sales can be organized through your own landing page, for example on wordpress or even through allegro, if you want to go on the easy way. If you choose wordpress, I recommend fastmicropay. Someone even here on the forum sells cheaper licenses of this plugin. If we sell physical products, at the beginning we can deal with packing and shipping ourselves - but as sales grows, it's worth outsourcing.

Idea 5 - Sales account

I do not think you need to explain that. Instagram accounts can be created only for later sale. If you're good at creating accounts, developing them, building popularity - but you do not know how to make money on them effectively - sell them. You can develop several or even several accounts at once, in exactly the same way. Then put them on sale and earn money for your work.

Friday, August 03, 2018

PaidViewPoint - start earning money on polls

Today I wanted to present you next website with paid surveys.


How to earn on this site?

In this service, we earn similarly to other such websites. For each completed survey, we receive a salary, depending on the time we have to devote. The reward we receive also increases if you are looking for people with a specific specification. It means that, e.g. they are looking for people who bought a given product.

How it works?

Paidviewpoint differs from other websites in that it does not provide us with highly paid surveys at the beginning. At the beginning, for a minimum of one week, we get low-paid surveys for 0.03 $, profiling our account and checking if we are providing real information when completing them. Each completed survey increases our traitscore, if we devote 3 minutes a day to increase it, we will get access to paid surveys, about 1 $ from the survey, then even more. In some countries rates are even higher.

How to withdraw earned money?

Earned money can be easily paid to your paypal account. To do this, we need to reach the state of $ 15 in the paidviewpoint account.

How to register?

Click on the link below, you will be redirected to the website. When you find yourself on the site, there is a registration button in the center. Click on it and fill in the form fields. We get less than $ 1 to start for registration.